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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

New items in my Etsy shop!

I've posted some new items in my Etsy shop. www.norththreads@etsy.com
I will be posting the other new items on my website www.lazydazeconnection.com along with some used books for sale. Back to the sewing room......

The new addition

Our miracle baby is finally here. Despite all the problems and all the extra hospital time, my little wonder is here. Born Dec 31st @ 10:02 pm- The last baby born here of 2005.

All Grown Up

Yesterday my middle baby who's now 41/2 almost 5 started her first day of gymnastics. I promised her as soon as her new brother was born I would start her in something fun. Man does time fly. She looked so little running around summersaulting , yet she's so big compared to my first babe(4 weeks). As I sat there on the wooden bleachers, I watched her start the journey of becoming a toddler into a little girl and my heart melted. Somehow I had tears in my eyes. My baby is growing up. Everyday tasks can be daunting and I find myself stressed out all day trying to get everything done. Sometimes under all the stress of life it takes moments like this to realize it's not the end result were working so hard to reach its the journey of getting there. One day our children will be all grown up and I don't want to say..."Where was I?". Remeber the journey....

Where can I find the time?

Somehow I spend so much time enjoying others blogs, I find myself having no time left over for myself to accomplish anything. Im discovering ways of getting more done:

1-Pour huge cup of coffee
2-Multitask- as if were not already( like stitching a project waiting on our slowwwwwww pages to load)
3-Rock baby in one arm while feeding, color with bigger child, and gaze desperatly at remote control wishing to change channels.
4-Page through cookbook for dinner ideas while changing dirty diaper.
5-Start process all over again and repeat.

I'm going to start with a to do list for 2006:(This may be master list & need broken down into smaller lists)Yikes!

1-Make list of most important purchases this year in order of nessesity(like new pellet stove)
2-Make list of favorite craft projects to start
3-Make list of projects already started and work on at least one to finish before starting fresh one.
4-Sort through craft & sewing room & take mental inventory before shopping for new goods.
5-Poor more coffee & pick somewhere to start!

New Creations

Here's some pics of the latest pincushions I've made available on my website www.lazydazeconnection.com in the studio, and check out my new Etsy shop! Yay finally getting important things accomplished! www.norththreads@etsy.com


This is what I woke up to this morning! Absolutly amazing.... I could smell the fresh snow through the window. Now, time to kick the kids outside to make snow angels!