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Thursday, March 30, 2006


It's so beautiful today! The sun is shining and beaming in through the dirty windows onto my dusty furniture!!! Yikes, and Im so not in the mood for scrubbing, Id rather go outside and rake or wash the trucks! Avery is out playing with our new mystery dog that were not quite sure what to do with. This lost pups been running around the neighborhood for weeks now, and I just though he must belong to someone visiting. Well ,I left for spring break holidays for a week and when I came back , He's still here! Poor soul, and he's starving! So weve kinda (the kids) adopted him(sort of) until we know what to do with him. He seems to be best friends with my dog Sammy now. Were giving him food & water so he doesnt die-he's so malnurished and dehydrated. Poor puppy, who could just dump off a sweet animal in the middle of nowhere? Anyways I guess the kids have my childhood habits of immediatly wanting to adopt all the neihborhood strays!


Tuesday, March 28, 2006


I forgot to mention: As everyone who knows me knows Im a timmy 's coffee addict, there a cool thing goin on:
Win free coffee for a year! Thats right, all us addicts are hanging out here:www.ipsosresearch.com/timhortons and enter code# 2080
Let me know if you win!

Faded Memories Stitching Tote Set

I want to make stuff I want to use myself to sell in my etsy shop, and also to "use what I have(check out the amazing stuff everyones been making over at flicker! )so I made this with the new "faded Memories " fabric by Moda that I love,love,loveeeeeeeeeee.!!!!! I couldn't seem to get enough of it obviously... you can see more close-ups and other images at my etsy shop. I had so much fun making these little dewley balls on the ends from an idea I got from one of my japanese craft books. Yeeeee so fun! How easily Im amused!

I also have finally changed the name of my website to www.norththreads.com if you would like to bookmark the change, and Shandy- I'll be posting your garden seed organizer tommorrow for ya!


Friday, March 24, 2006

More Wee Peeps

Love,Bliss & Joy. 3 New wee peeps, Im trying to use up my stash as part of the "Use What You Have" group. I bought this fabric just in time before I joined! Yeah!!!! Close call! I've seen on others blogs they her yardage in & yardage out....don't think I could see that totall everday!! But wow thats sure a great way to keep an eye on how much your actually spending! Oh ya, and heres a banner I made with some scraps of fabric & paper! .....You can look, but dont tell anyone about the hidious sponging on the walls...soon to go-New house with lots of fixer-upper goodies...sounds like work doesn't it?


Thursday, March 23, 2006

Wee Peeps

I made some wee little peepers yesterday to sell on my site or Etsy shop. The pale yellow polka-dot fabric is so cute, I just love it. Its also for the "Use What You Have" group. I sure wish i was better at figuring out this blogger ,because I want to put favorite weblogs and buttons on the side & I cant seem to find where to do it!! Anyone out there in blogland???? Cookies are burning.....


Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Craft exibit

A few items I've been making for the exibit. Strawberry pincushions with woolfelt needlecase, spring pillow, and a cute easter bunny dishcloth-soon to have a new destiny! Child's Totebag?????

I also got a bunch of new vintage fabric that will be up for sale at my website soon- Assorted peices and fat quarters ,www.norththreads.com

Lucky Girl

Im back from my holidays bearing beautiful goodies. Look at what my gramas & girlfriend gave me!!! Im drooling..


Friday, March 10, 2006

Gallery goods

Ive been working on this line of vintage patchwork cushions with redwork for a local shop, matching childs purse and some pincushions. Yeah...I admit it I cheated. I just got this new embroidery sewing machine and I was testing out the embroidery end of it & man it's addicting!! The redwork is machine embriodered , and then everything else handpatched together. Im quite pleased with the way they turned out. Gotta get back to it..the machine calls...


Monday, March 06, 2006


New kitty-"Lila" getting shipped down to the gallery!


Friday, March 03, 2006

Garden Seed Organizers

New to my shop Garden seed organizers. I love the Aqua one so much Im keeping one ( I made 2) for myself! I always give & sell everything, and when the days done wish I had saved something for myself, so this time when planting time comes round I 'll be ready too! You can see the closeups of the inside page pockets in my Etsy shop 'norththreads'. Theres a pic of some giftys i made too-mini purse calenders..close-ups in the shop also!


Wednesday, March 01, 2006

A Great Achievment

I couldn't ask for anything more! My son received a great honor today by getting the "friendship & compassion" award at his school. Wow...yahhhhh a sappy mother! I would rather have him recieve this commpasion award any day over any other award they could give. They told him how kind and generous he was, and how gental with the handicapped children. Also how he gives kindness to others and even offers help when not asked too.....to me prettyspecial ! If I could say as a parent that I've left any impression it would be raising a child who's a trustworthly and commpasionate community citizen.....booo hoooo, but so true! Way to go Tyler!!!!