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Thursday, September 28, 2006

You crafty Birds!

You guys are just too much fun! Thanks so much for every comment left for the draw~ And the crafty winner is-
The "original" crafty bird- Robin from Vinctoria, B.C. Wow thats so close to home!!
Yeah for Robin! I hope you like you goodie surprize package!
I have so much stuff to show you -but my husband actually gets home today from being away 11 weeks! Whoo hoo! Im making him take me out for my birthday dinner tommorrow night to a good resturant! Maybe I will remember to bring my camera!
Pictures soon!


Saturday, September 23, 2006

Last Call for Blogiversary Fun!

So it was this weekend the huge garage sale!I picked up a few things for the 99$ challenge, above earlier-a bunch of vintage craft mags-1.00 for all total so far 11.00,
This fun little tikes car for Layneof which he's thoughrouly enjoying on this fantastic sunny fall day! 2.00$ total=$13.00 . I have some great news!!!! It probably sound silly & ridiculous, buut most of you know how much trouble Ive been having with the "baby that never sleeps". Well last night for the first time EVER he slept for 7-7 with only one bottle!!!! I thought I had died & gone to heaven! Im usually up over 12+ times, so this is the first all nights sleep in over 10 months..as you know you dont sleep through the night pregnant. I sure didnt with a gazillion bathroom pitstops during my pregnancy, & now Laynie's almost 9 months yeah!!! I guess I was just expecting him to sleep through the night like the other two did at about 3 months. So it has been quite a challenge! One that I was just too tired to figure out. Im so happy ...& absoulutly AMAZED how good one can feel with a whole nights sleep! Thank you to everyone who blessed me with their sleepy prayers, they worked!LOL
Some more vintage craft books but Christmas, YEahhhhh, so fun, can you tell im an all about Christmas girl yet?
And Below(mixed up is some of the goodies Im putting together to mail to somebody extra special! Maybe you! So last chance to leave your name here if you want in the little blogiversary mail-out! And last but definaialty not least check out the amazing old clocks & a sweet little vintage book
1.00 each & .25 cents for the book,& 50 peice set polly pocket set(not shown)1.00-Total for 99$ challenge so far=$16.25, not too bad ..except the end of the month is coming near & I need to spend some $$$$$$$!

~cheers for now~

P.S.- I will draw the winner on Tuesday night!


Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Percy's got a girlfriend & A Treat to thank you!

Thats right...meet Penny. Percy must have a girlfriend. She's a little more feminine, sporting a pink wool scarf & and at an inch shorter than Percy, she's ready for her heels, so he can take her out dancing.
SO anyways, that 30 mile garage sale that I m so pumped to go to isnt until the last weekend of the month, I was mixed up-the mental delay!!! I came hope to a dripping wet floor and a leaking hotwater tank today..not impressed! Thank goodness i have some amazing neihbors who always help me in a pinch, ( get your minds out of the gutter , he's 70!)which is great when your husbands never home!!LOL!
So girls- You deserve a treat & since it'smy Blogiversary this week I thought I would put together a SURPRIZE package of crafting materials- maybe papers, fabric,vintage goodies so drop me a line & let me know you want in on the draw by leaving me a comment with your email & your in! You guys are my inspiration!
Well I think thats enough holiday crafting for now (hmmmm..maybe) onward....time to retreat back to fall. I found a few thrifting treasures for the 99$ challenge.They are a bunch of vinatge christmas crafting books, so fun! Now If I could only knit! I can crochet but dont you notice how all the real great stuff is knit? Maybe thats because I cant follow the instuctions perfectly! Oh well, I suppose if I knew how to knit Id be stressed out more about fitting in more time for those projects too! I really wanted to do the big University craft holiday bazzar this year, but im so behind its just not going to happen. Maybe next year when my littlest pip squeak is older. Its a craft fair with 320 amazing tables of great stuff! I'll have to be happy with just attending this year! Now, onto fall!


Monday, September 18, 2006

Meet Percy

Meet Percy the penguin. See I have been up to something. So busy this week with a gaxillion trips to town that i feel like Ive got nothing done except a few things. This baby of mine seems to be refusing to nap & he's sleeping terribly at night, so unfourtunatly my 30 day free typepad trail has withered away! I had planned to get everthing all changed over, but it was to much info for my brain right now to figure out. I think my head is at max capapcity for retaining any information recently. Not sleeping doesnt help though! Im feeling a little holidayishness going around here already....This little guy is going up in the shop later! These penquins were inspired by a country folk prim pattern that I modified to make more of my own style,colors and sizes. Hes got a wee sack of sparkly greenery & vintage buttons. I also have a set of 6 wool holiday black & white ornies with vintage sequins completely hand sewn, to get up in the shop soon too , but ones done:
And ...finally!!! I recieved my new Moda fabric line some stuff from "Mistletoe Manor" arrived yesterday! Heres half the pile, the babies gotten the rest of the fabrics in a huge heap on the floor! Its really hard to order online, because I cant feel for quality, but all in all I like them very much! More WIP in progress soon!

So many wonderful bloggers popped by & left a comment, on my last post...Thank you so so much! You guys really help keep me crafting and help keep me inspired! Thanks so much for all the lovely comments & thanks for visiting...


To thank you all....a freebie giveaway to celebrate my 100th post bloggyiversary! Oh yes, and hopefully i can score some treasures this Satuday during the "parade of garage sales". Can you believe it? A 30 mile road full of garage sales on none other than...my road! Yippie!!!! I can't wait. I will be ready with my coffee,one of my favorite girlfriends, my truck(empty ready for filling) with I hope an antique hutch or a 3 wheel stroller which Im desperate for right now! How exciting!! Even the kids school is on our road & its taking part, it should be so fun!


Friday, September 08, 2006

Baby Shower

Well, I finally got my behind in gear today & got my special order finished! The order was for a baby shower little girl album. So I made a baby boy one at the same time which I will put in the shop! Here they are together. I used vintage wrapping paper,vintage inspired scrapbook papers,hand dyed ribbons,stickers,stamps & other ephemera.
The baby girl album
The baby boy album
And inside front page. I also made each a beaded bookmark to stick into the spine of the paperbag books, thats not shown! A few more goodies of W.I.P. coming soon. Right now Im off to bath the kiddies, say goodnight, read a story,and off to bed so i can recoup from this hairy day!


Thursday, September 07, 2006

Dinner is quick as a wink!!

Found some more treasures on the cheap today for the 99 dollar challenge. A huge whack of vintage knit patterns of which I will probably save for Ebay. 50cents for all!
This adorable little retro make up bag that i already stashed my make-up into ASAP! 50 cents.
Giant booklet of transfers, and vintage Mcalls transfer book- 50 cents each! That was a major score for me. Total spent for challenge so far= $9.00
Getting into the fall routine,and in all of the back to school excitement, I wanted to share this SUPER EASY oh yes like 5 minute prep...recipe for busy school nights! I make this in the morning if I m really busy & pop it in the fridge until dinner & bake! So here goes, let me know if you try it!
Super Easy One dish Salmon Bake:
Sprinkle into greased pie plate:
1 cup frozen corn or peas
1 can drained salmon or tuna
1/2 minced onion or 2 green onions
Whisk the following into bowl & pour over other stuff:
4 eggs
1 & 1/2 cups milk
1 & 1/2 cups bisquick
Sprinkle a Handful of grated cheddar on top
Bake at 350 for 40 minutes!! Goes great with a simple garden salad!


Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Treats and Treasures

I recieved a fantastic swap with my friend Karen A.K.A.- Miss Kwitty! Im sent her a bunch of fabric & photocopied transfer designs for embroidering & I choose this amazing bagkeeper from her ! Dont cha love it!!! She pays so much attention to detail-which I love! It looks amazing against my aqua kitchen walls!!
Here's a little close up of her amazing embroidery design & detail! Thank you so much Karen, I hope you like your package!!!
Now onto the 99 dollar thrifting Challenge. Heres an amazing find Im using towards the challenge. .99 cent vintage thermos lunchkit with farm animals on it. Im hoping to put this on Ebay once I remember how- its been awhile.
Also .99 cents, this great vintage hand smocked apron in pink apron!
More great finds to come- I hope!


Saturday, September 02, 2006

Feeling Fall

I had so much fun working on that other cushion, that I made a fall copper colored harvesty one. Heres a close up, its now for sale in the shop along with this cushion!
The little birdie tag hangs off the fall cushion,
Small milinery velvet leaves are wrapped around a real stick
And heres the pillow front. I was inspired by a cushion, and pumpkin over here, but I like to make things my own & change em up a bit into my own creation, and make things less fussy. She has gorgeous cottage style crafts that I love to interpret myself & simplify. Im really trying to make better use of my time this long weekend as Im babysitting some kids so friends can attend a wedding. The sun is shining, kids are smiling and Im creating...whats better? Well till the baby cries anyways! LOL. Cant wait for tuesday....im dropping the kids (2 anyway)off at school for the first day, hitting some thrift stores and hoping to find some treasures for the 99$ challenge!!! Also I recieved an AMAZING swap item from Karen I must show you soon! I'll keep you posted! Enjoy this weekend!!


Friday, September 01, 2006

Whoo Hoo!

Im on there, Im on there today, so about the excitement, come visit!!!
The main site is www.glitterandgrunge.com go to glitter artists and then scroll down the page & there I am!! How fun is this? Its areally neat way of advertizing if anyones interested let me know & I'll send you in the right direction!!!
**Thanks for all your support, and generous comments, there sure some amazing women out here in blogland ! One day maybe we will have to have a blogger conference where we can all meet up together !!!! LOL ***
An an extra hug to Carolyn for sending me this beautiful needlebook for a thank-you gift! Too sweet! You can visit her at http://laughingduck.typepad.com