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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Cold Weather = Productivity!!

So happy for the cool weather-why because I hate to drive in it (Im a scaredy cat), actually Im more scared of all the other crazy drivers in the snow..Im so slow I drive people crazy!
So that means hometime..which means I may actually get to enter the sewing cave at the end of the hall! I did. This is a patchwork runner I made out of Moda's new line "Mistletoe Manor". Everytime I make something lately I forget to sew on my tags, and I did it again on this ppatchwork holiday tote! So i added a little strip of fusible web & ironed it onto the inside pocket which is where i wanted to sew it on but forgot. It worked great!

I used a multitonal sulky browns thread that changes colors as you sew, then crazy machine stitched all over it. Hoping I can keep the stitching groove going for awhile, since I lost it for so long there! I went to the "first" holiday craft fair of the season today at the University. It was so packed & crazy peoples purses and bags kept hitting the baby in the head in the stroller! Poor guy, it was a zoo! You couldn't even get close enough to the tables to see anything! My son kept saying"lets get out of here!" I really wanted to be part of this show, but with this little guy getting into everything...just didn't happen! Oh well , there is always next year!
On my Mind:

~Christmas gifts-must make list of handmade goods to get started on for family.

~Drooling over Holiday recipes to make & freeze (ecspecially biscotti)

~New goodies to make for shop

~Get Pincushions ready to ship!!!!! So excited to show you the design that I made that was chosen to be in the new book coming out this spring, Creative Pincushions!

~Kittens are getting huge & ripping curtains

~Waiting on test results from the allergest so I can feed this baby something to eat that wont make him sick.

~Snow, hot chocolate, and good conversation(with an adult please!)LOL.....


Friday, October 27, 2006

A Fresh Start

View from the Deck- Beautiful morning!


Thursday, October 26, 2006


Loving this new wool felt, and pattern book,
So happy I finally finished my bird and branch table runner,
Having fun with the fridge meme, thanks Dawn!
Loving that im done this mailclub tablerunner finally!
And....guess what...loving the first skif of snow that arrived! You can smell the snow in the air!
Loving that the baby is happy, and feeling better! Hooray for not being a procrastinator today!


Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Some new stuff

I finally have got something accomplished!A pointsettia pincushion
Set of 4 herb mini pillows. I found a pattern for the herb embrioderies in an old create & decorate. Just listed them in the shop.
Heres the top view of the pionsettia holiday pincushion. It's petals are dipped in tiny clear micro beads, & the center is a cluster of crystal beads. It looks so much nicer in real life. They are made from tea-dyed muslin, with hand embroidered herbs on it, for a kind of primitive aged look. These are my 2 favorite cushions.
They look really cute all together in a basket.
Today in my life:
***Im in the middle of an AMAZING book by Joyce Meyer called Battlefield of the Mind. It is so powerful it has me up all night reading.
***More table runners for fall
***excited for the "Creative Pincushion" book to come out.
*** Playing with these crazy kittens running wild all over the house
*** Thrifting for "vintage Christmas Swap items"
*** Completely ready for that great holiday feeling when the first snow falls.
*** Enjoying a hot cup of tea
Maybe tommorrow will be as productive as yesterday!


Sunday, October 22, 2006

More W.I.P.S...and a little bit of swappin'

Wow , and I thought fall would be a time of relaxation and catch -up, but today I realized Im so crazy busy that I havent had any "me- you know that quality selfish time" time. And it 's not like we do lots... between scouts, sparks, church, study,family outings......why do I never seem to be home? Compared to most of my girlfriends im the one with my children in the least activities . It's funny because I mentally can only handle so much of a "schedule". Just a calander with a ton of things on it gets me all anxious. I probably should have written that down for a weird thing about me. Well all I know is that starting in November im going to vow to really be home...and really enjoy home. Doesnt it feel so good to just make some comfort food,craft & sew,decorate for Christmas(yes its only 9ish weeks away!!!!!!) read, I have a stack a mile high of books that Im dying to read but seem to hit the pillow so fast to sleep that they dont get touched! Anyways Im looking forward to some real quality time with my friends,kids,and sewing room! Heres a pic of a bunch of "works in progress". The sunflower pincushion is finished the rest are in mid-process.
A wool & fabric bird and blossom applique table runner Im working on for the holidays which Im hoping to turn into a pattern in the spring when I start my wee pattern biz....what a process! Anyone who has any tips for me I would totally appreciate!
Sorry my photos are mixed up..this is just a few of the goodies Im putting together for the "Christmas vintage swaps" that Im participating in.
And this little pumpin applique is also a tablemat in progress, hopefully finished soon!
Now Im going to hit the hot tub & then go snuggle in bed all warm and cozy and watch a movie I've been waiting to see!
~cheers for now!~


Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Our new Additions

Meet our new additions.
Princess(my son's)-in front with the calico colors, and Missy(my daughters) in the back. She has grey and white tabby looking colors. How precious are they? The children are enjoying their new baby bundles. Don't you love their blue eyes?
I have so many projects to share with you soon!


Thursday, October 12, 2006

Shop Update & Someone's almost walking

Im soooooooo excited to be working on some pincushions for a book proposal, here's a sneak peak of one. I will show you guys all the rest after the deadline, because Ive had alot of issues with design , and photo stealers calling my stuff they're own(more or less from Flikr I think) . Sad people have to wreck fun things like that! Makes me hesitant what I put over there. Does anyone know how to do that watermarking of your photos? Im dying to figure that out!
I said I was really busy & here's why:
~9 month old child~
I feel like a machine that runs behind him and moves him everytime he unplugs the phone,internet, and try's to stick stuff in the outlets. Dont worry, I covered every single outlet with a plug now! Is it a boy thing or am I just loosing my mind-he's into EVERYTHING, over, and over, & over. It doesnt matter how many times I tell him, the fireplace is hot. 9 months going on terrible(I me terrific) two's. He hates the high chair, excersaucer, playpen, crib...everything that ='s confined. Im pulling my hair out. He's almost walking now, any day. That should be interesting!

Yeah honey, he looks all cute & innocent!
I updated my shop today! 10 new vintage aprons sold in sets of 5. Here are the 2 sets! Here's a link if youd like to check them out:


Were still enjoying the hottub, once its all pretty, I'll post a new picture. There is white lattice all around it I just want to find some tall potted trees for around the corners. I strung Christmas lights all around so it's fun to go in at night! I need to have a hot-tub party when it's done! Wanna come over?


Saturday, October 07, 2006

5 Weird Things about me

Thank you Pam! Pam at kitty & me tagged me for 5 weird things about me...weird, well Im always up for weird! I ve also been so busy that I withered away my freee trial at typepad...so I guess Im doomed to blogger forever! I m still learning this & I want to switch sooooooo bad , its sad...like my brain cant fit in any more info or something! Its reading=FULL DISK...maybe someday i will figure it out. First above- a beautiful vintage baby planter with musical teddy on top that actually works-OOPs Selena..... all these are supposed to be over at Flikr in the 99$ challenge, but i didnt get them in on time. Same with the blue baby bootie below,
This is a close up of the "Summer Memories " pillow I finished for a friend,
Avery & I in the new hot tub. DONT LOOK TOO CLOSE, I just woke up its 7:30 am. Well Its actually used because as you know I dont buy very many things that are new. What a deal that was! In & set up for just 1000.00 bucks(thanks to my honey who knows how to wire it in) if you can believe it! We priced new ones for months , and they went up to like 14,000$ dollars! No way to that!
There's the bootie

and the pillow, that should be arriving any day....
Now onto the 5 weird things about me:
1* I still get super car sick if I read even 1 line of anything in a vehicle, which really sucks because I could be accomplishing things as a passenger!
2* I dont know if this is weird but I have 2 tattoos and my nose is peirced
3* I hate socks -cant stand them, and I would never dare put on a pair of pantyhose.
4* I really get annoyed driving with some slow or la,la land driving people- Im kind of phobic and always think theyre going to kill me.
5* Im extremely scared of heights, my husband got me up on our roof once and I cried forever until he got me down the ladder...tin roof...slippery...scary.
6* And since Im really weird- I'll add one more. Im addicted to reality shows..coffee...and changing my hair color monthly. Im gonna stop that really I am. Staying dark brown now my natural color...I hope.


Thursday, October 05, 2006

Im still alive!

Oh boy, has life just been filled with blessings and surprizes lately! So many great things are happening, my husband got a 3$ raise unexpectedly. He was just home for 5 days so Ive been trying to enjoy every moment we've had together! Im so excited because we got a hot tub put into our deck while he was home, so i will have some back-pain relief & the kids are having a blast already. I finished these projects before he arrived, a set of 4quilted patchwork coasters which I listed in the shop.
An Autumn tea cozy which will be for sale at my glitter shop.
This was made for a vintage fall tablecloth, with hand embroidered flowers that match the tablecloth design . Close-up design below:

Ohhhh, and the sweetest little kitty & puppy stuffy stitchery set, I got for .25 cents going towards the challenge again. Im not sure my running total at this second but its around 15 bucks!
Here's the close up of the tea cozy design, and I know my ends of trim are fuzzy. I have since trimmed them! Ive missed you all , and hope to get some much needed bloggy catching up happening this weekend. And since I cooked a big turkey Thanksgiving dinner last weekend when the hubby was here, I can relax this weekend! I also have more goodies to show you- some proposals for a book!!! Yippee!