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Friday, May 25, 2007


Hey ladies!!! Well, I said I had some fun news soon and here it is: Jen over at Pear street Studios web design has created me this fabulous website and Im so excited to show you! I want some feedback, as Im allowed small changes for awhile yet! To all my fantastic blog friends, and anyone whoe purchase my handmade items- I would LOVE it if you would Pleaseeeeeee stop by check it out & sign the guest book on the homepage! That will help me build confidence in new buyers! Im super happy with it so far, but i havent had time to put anything for sale on it yet, slowly over the next 2 weeks I will be addding goodies. I want to use this site as well as Etsy!! So go here : www.norththreads.com
and say hi and I would love feedback here! Thanks girls your the best! And this is the new pink & orange exploding photo box! Im going to post a pattern for this box soon here so check back later , for those of you who were asking for instructions!


Saturday, May 19, 2007

Project 4 ~ Cupcakes Complete

Sick of the Nanny McFee stuff yet? Just a quick update on a couple projects. Im done #4 & hopefully a few more things are new in my shop!
Some wool felt cupcake potholders, some more exploding photo boxes, yes these are fun!
I love that theres room for over 24 pictures on all sides! I have a pile made, some alone & some with co-ordinating magnetic notepads.
I have a big pile of boxes done, I just need to decorate them up! I have company for a week so I have to keep it short!
Have a fantastic weekend! I will.


Saturday, May 12, 2007

Project # 3 Baby doll Complete

Just popping in between alot of yard work & painting to show you this little dress, made with vintage sheets. The shoulders are part of some trim off one sheet & the main dress fabric is another. I loved the sweet little feminine pattern.. Pardon my button thats not sewn on, with a pin sticking out....it is stitched on now! I used a vintage zipper & button too, with front pintucks, and eyelet bottom trim. It should fit a little girl size 3-4 ish.....unfourtunatly, my girls wayyyyyy to big so It's available here.
I really wanted to turn those little albums into something special, so i created these gift sets with magnetic 3D notepads, tags, and mini-accordian photo albums i showed you earlier. All for the crafty girl at heart. Some say "create" and some say "inspire". Im making more, but i think ones still left in the shop!
Thank you Pam for listing me as one of her inspirering blogs! To join the fun-if im not tooooo late here are a handful of my favorite blogs....there are so many more i love & one of these days i must update my sidebar with all the gazillion of new fav's I have!!!
So here goes a few:
~The Happy Zombie, a duhhhh hello, needs no explaination-simply fabulous!
~http://yvestown.com , simply beautiful photos and color combos, great inspiration!
~misadventures of Mama & Jack, what a sweet girl, and fantastic creative ideas, I dont think she ever stops!
~Casa Mia, Pretty photos, inspiring thoughts, just a nice visit, hey and we have the same name!!
~Every little thing, So creative, love her blog, shes real like me & she admits it!!! So funny, and superbo inspiration!!
Thanks all to each & everyone who visits here, and leaves me a comment, your the reasons I keep coming back!! There are sooooo many more blogs i visit, but sometimes its real far & few , but i really do LUV u! I just have DAIL_UP(not my choice but only option..YUCK!!!!!!!!!!).........nothing more needs said....does it??????


Sunday, May 06, 2007

The Procrastinating Life.....

Warning: All over the place post, or so it feels like it! Change is in the air, Im smelling it, Im feeling it, yes....change is good. I must say , I need some freshness right now! Im so ready for summer! Pina colada's, fun in the sun, gardening,mowing, all that yard work...yikes...maybe I wont keep going! And not necassarly in that order . I'm having a really hard time lately focusing. As soon , as I decide what to do im too tired to do it! Why did I get the gift of procrastination! What a mental battle! I did manage to squeeze out a few new shop goodies though, like these little accordian fold -out albums. All you need to do is add your favorite pics, carry around in your purse & brag!
I made some cute matching tags to shove inside for decorating with photos as well!
Oh what a sweet surprize !! Lookie what was in my mailbox!! A sweet prim raggedy doll from Nicole over at Raggedy Old Annies! How sweet of her to do this cute draw & the detail in person is so wonderful! Thank you so much, I will forever treasure her!!!
Like I said... I cant focus. Apparently i decided I would try my hand at soap making.... Actually i really love them and they have freshly dried lavender in them. I'm all over the place with my crafts, i like to do so much stuff! Thank goodness I cant knit-more pressure!
Oh, and because this is a random post- heres a picture of the new/old vintage wardrobe i bought for our bedroom! Isn't it fabulous!! I was going to paint it, but I love it so much like this, i dont think i will right now. The dark brown looks really nice on my newly painted powder blue with grey trim walls! I have some Exciting news coming soon, I must say!(No Im not pregnant TTL!!) Oh yes, and i was tagged with a few different meme's, because im not the sharpest knife in the drawer today, i will work on those, i definiatly have some amazing , inspiring blogs I love that i will share & why!
~say cheese~

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