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Thursday, August 30, 2007


Ok, cute people, the time is up. If your in , your in ! According to the random # generator the lucky winner of a crafty surprize package goes to:
Gheeezzzz with all your gorgeous treasures Feather , I hope you will like my tidbits girl!!! Check out her blog if you want to see amazing estate finds and other good stuff!!! Email me your addy too!!! Thanks to everyone who entered, I sincerely appreciate your lovely comments! I wish I have enough junk-ooooooppppppssss, I mean fabulous treasures, LOL, to give to everyone. I can just see my husband rolling his eyes as we speak....wondering who would want my stuff...simply mindboggling. Too funny. Hey lightbulb moment. I do have alot of junk, so maybe another draw in a bit would be in order.

Amazingly enough I did get some of my list tackled, but as the day dwindled away, and demanding children screamed, some things where left in the dust. LOL, get it, in the dust...oh boy i seriously need to get off this computer and get a life!

A few hand embroidered passport/memo holders were made, and are now in the shop.

The floor was mopped yesterday but today the bottom of my socks have soggy cherrios.

But hey- this is just another day in paradise! School doesnt start until september 4th, and believe me the countdown is on. Gone are the camping days, and the bordom is setting in for the older 2. Then it will just be me & the babe at home, and I cant wait! I cant wait for some one on one time with him, I have so many activities planned (in my head of course) that we can do together.

Oh my. Heres a peek at what Im listning to today from my 13 year old:

1. Him: I'll be right back, im just going to cut my hair. Me: Huh?

2. Him: I want to turn Japanese. Me: Why? Him: Cause I want to speak Japanese ,cause our language sucks. Me: Huh?

3. Him: Mom your mascara is all clumped together let me fix it. Me: Huh?

4. Him: Mom, we need a bigger house this house is small, & boring. Me: Huh?? (Im really thinking now....hummmmmm.....well i can give you a million chores if you really want)

And behold, the potholder. This little baby was made from a vintage sheet & hankie in an envelope style design. So YaHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really did get stuff done & a winner picked, Im definiatly on a roll.

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Saturday, August 25, 2007

My List:

1. Create special surprize package for my "Goodbye to Summer" Draw. (I havent draw yet-last chance to get in on it!)
2. Cut up bussiness cards
3.Make Coffee
4. Get off facebook for awhile(whoa , who would have thought how addicting that is!)PS- Any of u wonderful ladies on it, please come find me under "Angela Bate" with a black & white photo. See I told you its nuts! I have connected with so many friends from my past, its scary but a blast!

5. Post vintage wrap in my shop. I thought this would be perfect for collage artists, or altered art projects.

6. Drink more coffee

7. Did , I mention getting off this computer so I can actually get stuff worked on?

8. Make more of these fall ornies. I thought they would be cute as luggage tags too. I was inspired by a Japanese embroidery/needle work book isbn#4277370039.

Icant wait to make Christmas ones like this for the tree! These are wool felt & natural linen inside with machine & handstitching.

9. Mop floors & unload dishwasher

10.Go to the garbage dump-Ya you really wanted to know that-but this is real life right!

11. Hang washing on the clothesline(soon it will be too chilly for that!) I will miss it sooooo much + its cheaper than a dryer!

11. Thank all you wonderful ladies for actually caring, and taking the time to read what I have annything to say, in this huge blog world that Im totally addicted too!



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Friday, August 17, 2007


Im back.......dont ask- heres the briefing. We almost had the awning on the trailer ripped off in the hurricane & hail. Need I say more????? Lots of card playing and relaxing though, so it was worth the family time & quality time with my husband anyway!
So in honour of all you fabulous ladies- I think a giveaway package is in order! Lets celebrate the end of summer- it must be coming soon here or something!LOL! Leave me a comment if you would like to get in on it! Im thinking a SURPRIZE
package of an apron, some trims, whatever i can get together to say goodby to summer and welcome to fall, will be on the way to one lucky winner.

More repurposed grocery bags and vintage aprons are in the shop too!

What an honour, I just found out that the awsome Mrs Kwitty, & sweet as ever MadreKarin have nominated me for a nice matters award! Ok- So they must not have read my last post, ripping out my hair with these crazed, hyper children......ok so enough about them,,yikes I dont need to remind myself:) So --here are my 5 nominations, & of many sweet & inspirational bloggers that I visit:

1. thepioneerwomancooks.com- oh my goodness talk about making me hungry-you'll never run out of ideas here!

2. A little imagination & a pile of junk- Amazing ideas, super kind and she always replys to comments (unlike me ...im so slow)!

3. Silly lil' Doe of course! Brimming with talent and always inspireing!!!!

4. Tales from Pixiewood- a super down to earth, honest girl, wonderful reading!

5. Purple Kappa- An amazing , and generously kind woman who's inspiered me to start to teach myself Japanese!

So there you go, thanks again ladies!!! Please leave me your email addy to!

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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Back to School is coming!

Were off!

Taking a well needed brea k (I desperate)& going camping! Its been 3 weeks since my husband has been home & hes coming home today! My mind is being overrun with teenage anger & hormones so I cant wait to run away to the bush with no TV, gaming junk(sorry for you playstation lovers, but im done!) I need fresh air!!!!!!! I want to throw the TV into the pond so bad its killing me except I know that I need to watch my Big Brother, & a couple other of my goofy shows.

I cant run away from the teen so at least there he can run away from me!!!LOL!

Maybe Im having a mid-life crisis, or maybe hes going into grade 8, knows everything, is always right, and needs boot-camp. HUmmmmmmm- venting maybe, well somedays you guys are the only ones i can say these things to and still keep a peaceful home! So thank-you & sorry at the same time! Ahhhhhhhh, feeeling better already!

Ok, so i made a few goodies for the shop before I leave. Back to School Pencil Cases, and gift card sets. Anyone who purchases them in the next few days, please note, they will be shipped out on Tuesday morning. I cant believe almost all my packages of vintage velvet flower picks are gone! Are those hard to come by? I will keep my eyes out for more of those forsure!

Oh yes- And for the stapler thing from last post, for some reason some of my Japanese craft books say to use a STAPLER instead of pins! Whats up with that? I dont know but I wasnt willing to try it on my precious vintage fabric, so I opted for pins. Is this maybe a special stapler? I wish my exchange student knew but he didnt have a clue. It actually bewildered him too. Anyone know what this could be?

PS- I wanrned my husband when he gets home tonight that the kids (I love them to death) but they're all yours ;Im done for a whole week until he's back again! Whooo hooo!!!!!

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Monday, August 06, 2007

:: New ::

Does anyone remember this olive green tablecloth I posted awhile back? Well it didnt turn into the skirt I envisined, but it did turn into some lined grocery bags! If you want to shop in style , I have a set of 3 bags that you can find for sale here. Yeah-for not using plastic bags anymore!!!!! And a big thanks to Shu for helping me understand why ,y apanese craft books like to use a stapler on fabric-I was lost in lala land for awhile with that one!
And some unlined lightweight ones made of vintage fruit material, and binding here!

Also some new little vintage items have been added to the shop as well, like these vintage velvet flower picks, a tartan thermos, and those sweet little dress crochet hotpads.
Hopefully I can keep up the mojo going, because as you know me I seem to fade in & out very easily! Now I must go pack for camping!!! I want to thank everyone who has been leaving comments lately, blogger does not always tell me your blog or email address darn it. I want to reply to everyone but for some reason more & more comments are showing u without links, but I want to say I DO read everything & apreciate EVERY ONE! You Bloggy friends are actually a huge motivation & help keep me moving forward! Hugs to you all.


Friday, August 03, 2007

I *Heart* Japan

Wow!!! I had such A blast having our exchange student! Words cant even describe the relationships we built, Im so happy, and so sad to see him go! That was one of the best experiences in my life & I am very grateful. One day I hope to go to Japan & tutor English and experience the amazing culture in real life. The kids had so much fun too, just a great 3 weeks, better than I could have ever imagined. We were such a bunch of wet rags by the time the students had to leave!

So whats the cure for such a sad/happy goodbye??? Thrifting of course!

Found a bunch of vintage zippers, notions, and trim. A cute pair of crocheted dress trivets.
3 great pieces of fabric,
and this really fun aqua/turquiose(is that how you spell it??) letter holder, & a bunch of transfers.
For some reason I absolutly cannot sew or make stuff if my house is a pig sty, so i had to somewhat organize it a bit after all the company. After a major housecleaning,thats not nearly complete, I had a chance to make some new shop goodies. This altered clipboard & the little wool felt cell phone cozy. Now to make my way through the cluttered maze to find an ironing board is priority! I Must organize something this weekend so I can start dreaming up of all my Christmas creations to come...scary I know!

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