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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hello Again!

Wow...oh my goodness, its been awhile! So much has happened this summer its been kinda crazy! I sure have missed all you guys! Between work & fun, summercamp & our weird weather, we are finally getting things acomplished. I quit working at Michaels too and started my own business and its going great! It was fun and I will miss most of the people there but man who can live on 4 hours a week? Anyways I figured I can get just as good of a discount by using my coupon!
So i did have a chance awhile back to make a couple pinkeeps. I listed them in the shop.
Im dying to get back at my stitching, but it might be awhile.

We have had a few random visitors here as well, look who were wandering down the road! They have now been brought back to their home. The kids had a blast with them so it was worth them demolishing all my strawberry plants and vines.
Then we had a crazy week long lightning storm in the evenings, my son snapped this picture out our front window right at the end of one of the storms.
Oh yeah, & cant forget about the Mexican fiesta party we had for our son whos 14. They had virgin margaritas, chicken wings, tacos, and other goodies. Then they all went out & slept in the tent , which wa kinda nice. So many things to do....so little time, be back soon! Miss you all.....