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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Where can I find the time?

Somehow I spend so much time enjoying others blogs, I find myself having no time left over for myself to accomplish anything. Im discovering ways of getting more done:

1-Pour huge cup of coffee
2-Multitask- as if were not already( like stitching a project waiting on our slowwwwwww pages to load)
3-Rock baby in one arm while feeding, color with bigger child, and gaze desperatly at remote control wishing to change channels.
4-Page through cookbook for dinner ideas while changing dirty diaper.
5-Start process all over again and repeat.

I'm going to start with a to do list for 2006:(This may be master list & need broken down into smaller lists)Yikes!

1-Make list of most important purchases this year in order of nessesity(like new pellet stove)
2-Make list of favorite craft projects to start
3-Make list of projects already started and work on at least one to finish before starting fresh one.
4-Sort through craft & sewing room & take mental inventory before shopping for new goods.
5-Poor more coffee & pick somewhere to start!


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