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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Faded Memories Stitching Tote Set

I want to make stuff I want to use myself to sell in my etsy shop, and also to "use what I have(check out the amazing stuff everyones been making over at flicker! )so I made this with the new "faded Memories " fabric by Moda that I love,love,loveeeeeeeeeee.!!!!! I couldn't seem to get enough of it obviously... you can see more close-ups and other images at my etsy shop. I had so much fun making these little dewley balls on the ends from an idea I got from one of my japanese craft books. Yeeeee so fun! How easily Im amused!

I also have finally changed the name of my website to www.norththreads.com if you would like to bookmark the change, and Shandy- I'll be posting your garden seed organizer tommorrow for ya!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I bought this great set and it is even nicer in 'real life'. Angela made this so beautifully - it is a pleasure to use. Angela packaged it so nicely and added in some surprise extras which added to the treat of receiving this. To add to this Angela was concerned that the package arrived ok and didn't rest until I let her know I had received it - obviously a very nice lady!

3:56 PM  

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