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Thursday, March 30, 2006


It's so beautiful today! The sun is shining and beaming in through the dirty windows onto my dusty furniture!!! Yikes, and Im so not in the mood for scrubbing, Id rather go outside and rake or wash the trucks! Avery is out playing with our new mystery dog that were not quite sure what to do with. This lost pups been running around the neighborhood for weeks now, and I just though he must belong to someone visiting. Well ,I left for spring break holidays for a week and when I came back , He's still here! Poor soul, and he's starving! So weve kinda (the kids) adopted him(sort of) until we know what to do with him. He seems to be best friends with my dog Sammy now. Were giving him food & water so he doesnt die-he's so malnurished and dehydrated. Poor puppy, who could just dump off a sweet animal in the middle of nowhere? Anyways I guess the kids have my childhood habits of immediatly wanting to adopt all the neihborhood strays!


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