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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

A little stressed & sleepy....

What a day! Im so tired, no crafting accomplished today or yesterday thats for sure after our ordeal....First i pulled my son out of school for a couple days for an educational family trip in our new travel trailer. After 2 days of writing lists, packing...and more packing, I finally had our trailer packed up and ready to roll on out. We planned to go for a couple of days to park & stay in our friends vacation lot down in the US which is about 12 hours south from here. And let me say..anyone with a newborn knows how much STUFF you need to bring for a baby & 2 MORE KIDLINGS! Anyways we headed out and got about 4 hours in & the motor blows up in our truck! Yikes, but luckily we died right at a RV park where we could crash out for the night & deal with everything in the morning. So finally after what seemed like forever we found a rental car, packed up, called BCAA to tow all the junk home & here I am back home unpacking all yesterdays hard work of packing up! To bed I go & maybe tommorrow something will get done! Especially now that im working on things for The Unfinished Project...so back at er tommorrow, and poor Tyler back off to school!(And he thought he the week off!) Tommorrow he can tell his class all about his amazing trip..kidding


Blogger anonymous jones said...

You are right to say that trips with kids are ordeals!

8:50 PM  

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