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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Thank you, and Book Meme

Wow thank you guys so much for all your sweet comments about my lonely whinning life! I sounded like a real whiner but Im not really like that normally, because Im so used to this life im pretty independant! But no really, he's not going to be home for a month or 2. It was so kind and generous of all you, wonderful , amazing women! You are so encouraging!
I have been tagged by Selena- for this one, and tommorrow i will post the next meme tagged by Jackie! Thanks girlys!
Book meme 1. so here goes:
1. One book that changed my life: Simple Abundance, & the Bible
2. One book read more than once: Any Kristan Hannah, or Debbie Macomber Novel
3. One book Id like on a desert island: Something with romance & s*x of course!! LOL oh yes and a huge pile of craft mags!
4. One book that made me laugh: Hmmmm, thats hard I usually read craft books!
5. One book that makes me cry: Bridges of Madison county, Im a softie!!!
6.Books that you wish were never written: Anything with violence,racism, or hate. I love the simple things, thanks to Selena, giving me a new word, now I have a word for it yaaahhhh "eco chick"-thats me!
7.One book Ive been meaning to read: I have "A million Little Pieces" sitting here I want to read so bad but no time!
8. Books I dont like: Anything Sci-Fi
9. A real Page turner I want to read: I want to finish reading the bible throughout as a challenge, & I try & keep up with Debbie Macombers new releases.
10. Childrens books enjoyed by the family: Anything to do with farms & animals,pets,we all adore animals!
Now, Im really excited having fun with the kids & working on our package for the:

Also found this amazing vinatge mint condition melamine green cream & sugar set I put up for sale in the shop along with this co-ordinating vintage tablecloth that matches to a tee! I just listed it , and am hoping to get some piles of stuff onto ebay. I have heaps of books,linens and other goods that need some homes(ok-Im over thrifting...is that possible??????) Does anyone recommend an Ebay store over just regular selling? I know you amazingly smart women have all the answers!!


Blogger Apron Thrift Girl said...

I loved reading your list Angie. You can always learn so much about a person by what they read. On the eBay front, I have a store and I find that I generally always sell a couple items to pay for the subsciption. The thing about a store is you need to have unique items that buyers can find through search. I think if there is over 25 of a certain item you will not see the store listings when you pull up a search. In my store I have mostly hard to find books. I just sold a Merck Vet. book for $30.00. It had been in my store for probably 4 months but it sold in the end. I have an email group called eBay chicks which are people that I have tutored in eBay. If you want to join us you are welcome to. I also have another list I am on that gives great eBay advice. I joined it and from what I learned on the list, opened a store, started selling collectable children's books and began to sell $1000 a month in items. We can chat more off list.

7:47 AM  
Blogger Gina said...

What shapes, what a color!

5:38 PM  

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