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Sunday, February 05, 2006

My horrible camera...or is it the operator?

I spent half the day today looking for the manual that came with my digital camera but it was nowhere to be found. I probably threw it out in the box and now I have no idea how to fix my flash on the goofy camera. If you notice how dark all my photos are you will understand. it's driving me nuts. Also the program I use to load them into (Picasa) is great, but the paint program is a nightmare. Unless its me-which it most likely is-won't even let me crop or brightenup any images like you can in picasa. I wish I was more camera savvy. That will definiatly be on my 2006 to do list...MASTER THE DIGITAL CAMERA. Otherwise its getting recycled & Im getting a different one. hmmmm I wonder if they have a website? Why didn't I think of that? Thanks Tyler.


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