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Monday, November 27, 2006

Crafting & Creating

Thanks to Deb for inspiring me to make some of those great potholders she made! I got a few sets done for gifts but I totally cheated!! I came to the realization that there is NO way Im going to have time to crochet all the washclothes for them, so I picked up a 6 pack of good quality terry towel dishclothes and made them with those instead. I used the silver thermal liner inside to keep food warm, and used only 2 colors, quilted it & used co-ordinating ribbon loops. Not too bad for 20 minutes a pair!
I cant believe its almost December already! Time is just flying by lately. Quick Shop update:
anyone looking for a beautiful Vintage Christmas tablecloth & runner? I just updated the Etsy shop with this fantastic simple clean design one above. It fits a rectangular table & I just love it! Also the vintage crewelwork poinsettia wallhanging below (sorry for bad lighting buts its major winter here) will be up for sale over at www.glitterandgrunge.com on December 1st. Im featured under "Glitter" artists.

Working on a couple more projects, if I can get some energy, I seem to be fighting a real yucky cold. I should probably get some major Holiday baking done today...but im running out of room in my outdoor deepfreeze. I might have to get another one, mines all jam-packed with veggies from the garden that I cant get to anyways! Its -23 degrees today!!! I just run out there, lift the lid, squeal in pain, slam it down, run back in & curl up in front of the fireplace! Yikes its nippy-sunny & beautiful though!

And out this weekend- The Nativity Story!!! Yes! Im definiatly taking the kids at some point this weekend, talk about a good family movie & perfect for getting into that holiday spirit!


Blogger Amy said...

Holy cow it's cold, isn't it? They say the wind chill makes it -38 today. My husband finally got out on his flight to Vancouver after waiting since last night. You don't need your deep freeze. Just put the cookies outside, lol!

Lovely items as usual :) I love what you did with the vintage crewel work.

1:41 PM  
Blogger Lucy said...

ohhh I love the colors of you potholders. Hmmm, the look like a project I could undertake. Just what I needed more ideas!! Thanks ;) Love the table cloth too. I need to find a round holiday one for my house. Keep warm, I agree with Amy, just put your baked goods outside, they'd definitely keep in that cold!

Stay warm!

4:57 PM  
Anonymous Debbie said...

Beautiful projects!
WOW, now that's cold!
It's going to be about 80 and humid here all week. Little too warm for my tastes.
I grew up in the North and have never gotten used to the idea of a warm Christmas.

6:20 PM  
Blogger Rebecca said...

Gorgeous pot holders! I love the colors. I need to learn some simple quilting.

10:44 AM  
Blogger Lisa said...

LOL @ squealing in pain and slamming the lid down. You made me laugh out loud.

So creative to find a shortcut to making the potholders. I would NEVER have thought to do that. They look wonderful.

Pretty tablecloth...very tempting..and the wall hanging is perfect.

11:13 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

The potholders look great! What a clever way to speed up the process ~ the knitting is slowing me up a bit :)
Stay warm and hope you are feeling better.

12:25 PM  

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