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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Pink & Brown Goodness

There's a pink & Brown swap going on over at thriftygoodness.blogspot.com ! Come join us and go to her site if you would like the outline of requirements! Thank you so much to Ellia from green bean Baby who donated this lovely button. Just copy & save it if you want it!


Blogger Rebecca said...

Yippee! I'm so thrilled about the turn out for the swap. I can't wait to see everyone's goodies.

9:44 AM  
Blogger Lucy said...

Thanks for the Button Angie, if only I knew how to make the picture match the post like I learned linking words, we'd be in business!

Looking forward to seeing everyone's goodies, too!

I love your penny rug! I actually never heard that term before, but in anycase, I love your design and colors :)


7:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Angela, I adore your penny rug.... I love the colours.... so romantic and sweet. I was very flustered this past Christmas and had people ordering cakes at the last minute.... thankfully I thrive on the adrenalin of stress and survived the season.... though I too will be preparing myself much much earlier for this Christmas (sounds weird). Lots of love, Nic xox.

5:00 AM  
Blogger Laurie said...

I joined yesterday! YAY!!

I love the penny rug! I downloaded the pattern and will have to give it a try. I absolutely love working with wool felt.

8:29 AM  
Blogger Thistledew said...

Thanks for the button, I am going to try putting it on my blog, wish me luck. See you at the B&P Swap.

1:47 PM  
Blogger Deb said...

Thank you for the information ~ sounds like a fun swap.
Love your penny rug!

1:17 PM  
Anonymous jen said...

welp, i'm in!!! see ya there!

6:58 PM  

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