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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Party Time & TableCloth Winner!!!

Well, I think the "Pet Shop Party" was a success!!! Heres a few pictures...
Table Decorations...
Cupcakes for 18 kids.... when does that ever happen when every single person you give an invite actually shows????? LOL, thats a first for us!
The other Table: seating for lots at each table,
Present time! This was sooooo overwhelming for my daughter, I had never had a friend party before, only family. But today was different we had sunday school,homeschool, and public school friends! Thats Avery in the Yellow Spring Dress-then guess what ,its snows!!! Out the door went all my outside games!
And finally some good swings at the piniata. I think all in all they had a smashing good time!
Drowning in a sea of pet shop & other goodies! Pure loveliness for any little girl Im sure!
In other news, We have a vintage tablecloth winner!
Thanks so much to each & everyone who left a comment, I appreciate, and am grateful,as well as shocked & amazed so many paople care what i have to say!
So to all-thank You!!!
And the winner is-
!!! Congratulations! Email me your addy & I'll pop it in the mail pronto!!!
~thanks to all who played along & have a fabulous weekend!~


Friday, March 30, 2007

Thank you!

Wow!!!! Thanks for all the fabulous blog love & generous comments! Wow, everyone is so kind and Im so happy to be giving away the tablecloth to a great new home! The big birthday party is tommorrow for my special "6" year old! So I will draw the name tonight & announce it , hopefully tommorrow after the BIG (i can imagine) clean up!! Oh- and I leave you with a picture of the birthday girl, and her new baby cousin, and new bag I made out of a vintage apron, from all the fab ideas floating around blogland. I just love the red & white gingham , and its all hand cross stitched! I lined it with a crisp white waffle weave material- Available here on April 1st.


Sunday, March 25, 2007

Giveaway & Party Time

Im so happy some days to have this blog as an outlet for keeping myself (somewhat) accountable, journal what Iv'e been getting accomplished, and mostly to share things & ideas, as I roam blogland for inspiration too! Im so thankful for each and everyone of your comments whether I have time to visit your blog or have time to comment back. With 3 kids, a dog , 2 cats, 7 fish.....and whatever else lurks around this yard I always seem to have my hands full. So in honor of that, I had so many lovely comments on that gorgeous turquiose tablecloth I thrifted back a post or 2, I thought I would give this one away! I found this gorgeous, one very similar the other day while out thrifting-its in mint condition!!!! So I thought I would do a random draw for it! Leave a comment if your in! Isn't it lovely? I just had to share-I guess i dont need 2!
Do any of your children seem to be addicted to those "My littlest Pet shop" pets? My daughter is totally infatuated with them,and her whole birthday party theme is "Littlest Pet Shop " Birthday Party. We plan to make crafty pet carriers, have an adoption center (above) with printed adoption papers(made on computer). These guys above are all up for adoption, the kids will chose who they want & fill in the adoption sheet, and write they're name on the collars. We made those together with some fun foam & hang tags. I made a bunch of leashes too for them to buy in the little "store" where they will buy pet accessories & play store with cash registers & fake money. Im going to make all "little " food too. It should be fun! I got alot of these ideas of a party website-cant remeber which but there isnt very many, & it had some fabulous party ideas! I hope to be taking lots of pictures, Some of the children are dressing up like pets too!
This is another beautiful tablecloth I found thrifting at the same time. Im not always into green but this linen was just so nice. Couldn't you just see it as a skirt?

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Books & Bags

Well, its been awhile! I had a burst of energy & now im sick again so I thought Id share a couple things Ive made over last 2 weeks, till i feel better! Im buggin my husband because he brought me home this rotten cold from work & its the second time Ive had it in the last month! Yuck! Hopefully the sun will rise and I will wake up tommorrow feeling refreshed & able to cope again! Heres 2 paperback baby albums with coordinating tags tucked inside,
Inside of the baby girl one,
a new vintage popcorn chenille bag for the shop,
it has a boxed bottom, and roomy double inside pockets
and V handles with vintage buttons. Im taking those Cold FX meds so I hope im perky & happy in the morning & I can get back into the sewing/craft room , soon because I have a gazillion ideas brewing! Be back soon!
~For Now~


Saturday, March 10, 2007

Packing & Unpacking

Packing up Easter chickys for a dear friend, ready to feather their new nest.

Unpacking fabulous vintage tablecloth (well I think it is anyways!) And a score for 3.99 I may add!
Unpacking thrifter tea pot & cream & sugar! Yes score for $7.00 bucks for the set! More thrifted goodies not shown yet for my partner that i dont even have yet in the vintage kitchen swap. Soooo exciting. Come join it if you havent already here. And check out the fabulous button!!!!! Cant wait to figure out how to get that huge beautiful thing on yet though.
Unpacking my new Moo cArds from Flickr! They are such good quality Im totally impressed!
I punced a hole,and added a peice of pink twine to make them into wee little hang tags.

For now...


Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Clothesline Dreams

Im believing Spring is just around the corner, and am visualizing warm laundry days spent outside, clothes on the line, gardening plans, spring renovations....
Maybe a new peg bag to hang outside for me , but because i have a while to go, for now this ones in the shop. Made with vintage chennille (is that how you spell it?), and some pretty fabric I got over here, a little white waffle weave fabric for liner, some ribbon, & some handstitched wool hearts. Ok. Im really dreaming of hot days ahead can you tell? Actually now thats beginning to sound like work, so while were working we may as well look at pretty things.
Actually all our snow is melted (in my yard anyways) and were planning some major renovations to our home this spring. Inspired by Joyce were "gonna take what we have and make it better" instead of buying something else where we would just go into extreme debt. We purchased this tiny place before I knew I was having a third child, and were really feeling mega cramped. So onward we go to make it liveable!

A few people asked for closeups of the paperbag photo memory albums so here's a vintage chicky one,
with some cute chicky and wagon co-ordinating tags. Its available here, and I think there are still 4 left to pick from.
I'll post a few of the others soon. I also found some great treasures while out thrifting that I want to share next time. Oh yes, and my new moo's!!!! I'm so pumped about all the granny square love going around blogland right now, because I can crochet (not a knitter, no matter how hard i try, im not co-ordinated enough-LOL ask my husband!), and iv'e always done these style blankets. This one Im making now will just be one on-going square building outwards. I don't like all the messy joining of sqaures,and hanging threads, there are enough with all this color changing already & im too lazy!

So I must go catch up some much needed blog inspiration so I don't fall back into my slumpy procrastination trap that i'm finally breaking out of. I think it had alot to due with that terrible lingering flu we all had that lasted for 3 weeks! BTW Did you see Pams fabulous Moo card holders in her Flickr? She also has an adorable free Starbabies pattern I would like to try on her blog!

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