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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Stitchery & Bag Organizer

I finished my little ducky stitchery, and I really like how it turned out! My camera is terrible-yes I know I whine about it almost every post-but c'mon it does really stink! If its sunny out I can get a better shot, but it rained last night and so this is the best I can do sorry! (maybe my hubby will read and listen to my pleas......). This weekend my oldest son turned 12 and we had a sleepover with 8 boys..YIKES is all I can say. Set up the 10 man tent, roasted weiners, made smores on our fire pit, rode bikes & played with bow & arrows. Ahhhhhhhhh, to be a kid again. I sure wasn't , I was the stressed out mom pulling her hair out in the background everytime I heard the mention of mustaches,shaving,and girls. I think they were still up at midnight playing capture the flag in the dark, running around my yard! Then they all slept in our huge tent outside & it poured & poured, and someone didnt zip up the tent so they were all soaked!
So I sewed! I had 3 custom orders for bag organizers last week in my shop, Here's one:
Turquiose with removable bow pin, and coordinating notepad. I just put in a couple of things in it, so you could get the idea of when its rolled up in your bag. Then you don't loose all your goodies in the bottom!
Crazy as it is, I have to start planning my craft fair & bazzar goodies now for the holidays! So I need inspiration when its sunny & beautiful out because it's really hard to Christmas craft in the hot sun, just not into it. So I need to start producing holiday items by September, so I started a new group over at Flikr, if anyone does this too & needs some inspiration for new goodies & display ideas. Here's the ady:


Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Patchwork Tote & WIP

In my last post I only showed my 2 older babes, but I didn't want to leave out the newest addition! My other cutie-patotoie- Layne- born on Dec 31st. 05 less than 2 hours before new years eve! Darn it all, we missed all the freebies by less than 2 hours????? Got a beautiful miracle bundle anyways. He's so good & just pure joy. Today I actually had a chance to sew a bunch as the weather was so nice & mild & not so sweltering!
Pale blue & Robins Egg Blue patchwork tote was finished & put up in the shop! It has 3 coordinating pockets in the inside,and the softest almost periwinkle brushed cord lining & handles.
Close up of fabrics. I also made 1 more Aqua vintage crewel fabric tote, which will be the very last one like that ever as that was the last of that amazing vintage fabric (I had to make myself one of course before it was gone..hehehe) And made some purse organizers that were special orders from my Etsy shop! Im working on a vintage ducky embroidery too, so pics coming soon! I know, I know, I should be finishing the 400,000 other projects in piles, but hey, whats one more WIP?


Monday, July 24, 2006

Meet ducky

Meet ducky..My wee little ducky pull-toy pincushion. I just put him up in the shop. This week has been so hot I have gotten nothing done, Im so hot and sweaty,not like you wanna hear that, but who likes sweaty hands on nice clean crisp fabric? Not I. So another week goes by, and Im falling so far behind! I should have gotten fall & winter goodies started already but who can think (or wants to think) about snow in this fantastic weather! So we did other things..like gardening! This is my oldest boy -Tyler and daughter- Avery. I've grown so many zuchinnis , they're coming out our ears! Might be making alot more chocolate zuchinni cake!


Friday, July 21, 2006

New book & thrifty finds

I would like to say thank-you again to everyone you popped over & joined the little book giveaway. The book is officially on its way to its new home! I picked these little beauties today while thrifting with a friend, quite happy** with my new treasures, although my girlfriend says my new aqua vase is really an urn for ashes- NO way- !!!!! Its too small!!(goodness I hope not because I really love it & I dont care its going to have some pencils in it soon anyways! My new goodies finally came!! I ordered a pile of new woolfelt, & this book from a friend, its pretty cute.
These pillows look fun!

And... to answer a couple questions- That little house behind my pond is my daughters playhouse, its about10 feet by 6 feet, just filled with toys! Also that vintage McCalls embroidery lettering book has some great images, so i posted the pics here for those who asked(I have more), but because they are backwords as iron -on transfers are-they may be hard to copy! So I thought in order to share, if you leave a comment stating you want them i will photocopy a bunch for you & mail an envelope out to you so they're full size! I will contact you for your mailing addy, Then you just have to hold them up to a window and trace, then stitch!


Wednesday, July 19, 2006

And the Winner is!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And the winner is.....................
Our Apron Thrift girl- Selena!!! Yeah!!!!!! If the winner could send me her address that would be wonderful & I'll ship it out before the weekend for ya! I wish I had one to send to everyone!!This was so fun I think,will draw for something else exciting coming in the near future!!! So stay tuned! Have a great day everybody, I have to head out & help a friend who's moving to town go look at some properties while its still reallt cheap here!!


Tuesday, July 18, 2006

In Progress

Just wanted to show you some wrks in progress but first: Great new iron on transfer book of embroidery letters I found for 10 cents!!!
And the great vintage papers I recieved in a swap from Jen....and this is an apology, as I was so excited to cut them all up to use them on my paper bag books, I dove right in before I could snap a picture so here's whats left-above. Thanks again Jen!
Works in progress:
Something super-duper exciting!!!(Well to me!!!) Im starting my own designs ,vintage inspired pattern company for homemade gifts & goods,embroidery,mostly sewn items whatever Im currently inspired by, here's a sample of the first pattern that will be available:
See if you can guess what it will be?
And My pond is finished!!! A long WIP, like all summer-finally done ,just have to put in my goldfish this afternoon when its really warm out!
And last but definiatly not least.......The winner of my bag book, card & tag keeper is.......... Ha- I havent drawn yet- So tonight I will!!!! So check back tommorrow......Good luck, & enjoy this fantastic day!


Saturday, July 15, 2006

Playing & Thank-you contest

O.K. so i did a little playing with my new stamps like I said I would . Made a couple paper bag books with cards & envelopes ,bookmarks ,& tags inside. Made with vintage wallpapers,vintage buttons, stamped pages,cards,tags,stickers,metals & bookmarks.(Thanks Jen !!!!,Reconize anything??) I want to thank you for the beautiful vintage papers,she sent me in swap a couple bingo cards,! I just listed this blue toned one in the shop.
Now Im really curious if there are some lovely bloggers out there that lurk around & dont comment, so Im going to have a special freebie treat to kind see who's checkin out my stuff! So ladies, to get your name in my random draw, please leave your name & email with your comment, and I will randomly draw someone this weekend & pop one of my books out to you. The one going up for grabs is the pinks and greens, since I made 2. Thank you so much to everyone who reads my blog, I really appreciate each & every comment I recieve & this is my little Thank-you to all of you!! So please introduce yourself if your new,& if your a regular leave a comment & your in!
Set of 4 cads & co-ordinating envelopes.
Front Cover.

Tags,bookmarks,cards and book!

~cheers everyone~



Thursday, July 13, 2006

Starlit mail, Shop goodies & Projects....

Dontcha love blogger, all your photos mixed up! Oh well, (say stop whining) here's my lovely & amazing swappee package from my new friend at starlitnest!! Great stack of fabrics, beautiful trims, vintage bittons & zippers, purse pattern, and some great yummy ribbons!! Thank you, thank you!!(pictured below next photo) .We will have to do this again one day! Another great swap thanks Alison!!
Shop goodies:
Below is a little treasure trove of vintage aprons I picked up today. I'll be listing them as a package of 5 up for grabs in the shop this evening!

heres the great ribbon from Alison:
More great vintage linens package Im getting ready for the shop:
My new stamps have arrived, arent they fantastic!!!!.....More projects to add to my list of many to do's.... I had better go & get something accomplished!



Sunday, July 09, 2006

Strawberry basket

Here's my newest little bushel basket of strawberries. I made these from wool felt, for a little childs fun felt food. I'll go throw them up in the shop for sale before I head out camping for the night! See ya'll in a day or 2!


Saturday, July 08, 2006

Now this is the mother Load!!!

O.K> now this.....is the mother load of craft supplies!! It's funny when someone hears your a "crafty gal" and they all drop off all they're leftovers off at your house!! Um....obviously i will NEVER be able to use all this stuff!!! Anyone who uses sequins for anything??I have a whole cookie tin full of assorted colors of sequins and trims, ...if anyone wants a little mixture! And this is the photo AFTER I through out 2 giant other black garbage bags of stuff!!(trust me no one would want this) . I also finished a pink & aqua seersucker fleamarket/Paperback Tote:
Removable flower pin, and a purse organizer to go along! Its in the shop now:


Thursday, July 06, 2006

A little bit of organizing:But warning- not too much!

Too much organization you know just inhibits the creative proccess...LOL ,well i need a little now and then or I just cant get anything done when Im running around crazy lost in the heaps & piles of fabric scraps ,ribbon & other junk. Not to metion tripping over the iron's cord and other paper scatters. So in light of my mess i thought I would clean a little up & organize my ribbons by colors.Warning-This room is tidy for me but I know you'll notice its still a disorganized mess(thats why Im only showing one corner today). There are so many blogs out there with gorgeous craft rooms all beautiful, but Im so busy in there all the time ,my little mess is just not picture worthy,but I'll let u see anyways! I was able to finish this shabby wool felt table mat & get it in the shop last night.
Here'a a little close-up:And here's the ribbon jars:
And a small corner sneak peek of my mess:
Finished this morning, what a terrible photo-sorry- of a art/craft smock I made for my friends daughter, Its all vinyl covered so its wipeable and washable, with tiny green froggys:For now....


Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Odds & Sods

It was so hot again today, that i would go into my craft room for 5 minutes, sew,clean up,sew, go outside , have a drink of water, repeat process all day-over & over! So in otherwords the day ws so sweaty & clammy it wa hard to get much accoplished. I started making a childs art smock today for a friend and the plastic was so sticky it wouldn't budge in my sewing machine it was completely stuck down! I'll post some smock pictures soon. So in the meantime i need to work on some paper projects like these garden seed planners that i had a couple more request for. Heres some pix of the last one: inside is above
And I did have a chance to have some fun with one of my new scores-those vintage bingo cards I bought treasure seeking the other day! Thanks to this gal I was inspired to make one when i saw her metal gate turned into pretty wall art , the same gate I had kickin around!. By the way the aqua & pink bags are sold so I made a couple more with the last of my aqua vintage crewel fabric & put it up in the shop and the other new aqau & pink seersucker one will show up in there sometime tommorrow!


Monday, July 03, 2006

Fridays finds on a Monday!

These amazing vintage bingo cards are so fantastic!! & Im in the mood to share the wealth!!! Wouldn't these be great for scrapbooking and altered stuff?? I think they would be so fun! I have 3 sets of 2 to give away if any fellow papercrafters/altered artists out there would like to have a couple. I think i could mail them to you for about $2.00 to Canada & the U.S. I would mail them anywhere but it would be over 6.00 so not worth the mail prices!
And this bunch of vintage buttons, & trims, that blogger so kindly cut off LOL, and a wack of pale pink zippers!

Went into town today. These are new from the fabric store, some pretty new fabrics (the pinks are good ol' seersucker) for some more flea market totes. And a great aqua printed on & the other will be for the lining & the tote organizers. Hit the car wash , and the ice cream shop, grabbed a few things at the grocery store . So that was my day,it was much too hot to do much else. Im happy , found some great treasures! Time to go read some good old crafty blogs, Cheers till later!


Sunday, July 02, 2006

Flea Market or Paperback Tote

Vintage crewel aqua tote with purse organizer.
Red , White & navy tote with removable flower pin,
and the one below is my stripey moda junking tote made with vintage & moda fabrics with vintage button bottoms. More photos in the shop.
Ok so I finally got my Flea Market totes done & up in the shop! I really wanted something pretty that I could chuck over my shoulder that was really lightweight and head out for some good junking! Modeled by a little one by the way -so ya don't think they're down to your knees!!!!! LOL. Its tooooo hot to go outside today, time for either more making, or maybe a well needed nap(if i can get that baby to sleep first!)