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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Creating Spring & Puppy Softies

Spring is no where in sight -so Im forcing it.
Sweet Spring ornaments /Tags made of 3 layers of wool felt, all hand embroidered,
a set of pups. Sisters that is.
All up in the shop now. Now Im off to catch up on all my favorite blog reading! Have a great day! Im still cleaning my sewing room,so I thought I would leave you with a little more inspiration for your creative space!


Monday, January 28, 2008

Crafty Clean-Up

I feel like im bursting at the seams. We are exploding out of our tiny house! Im in the mood for some embroidery, so i open the drawer, & all my vintage transfers explode out on the floor.
Ok Im over it, but now I need some floss........well, its so tangled I'ts all one giant ball!
BONUS!!! I found enough red to start some linen & redwork coasters for Febuarys new glitter items!
And Im so pleased to finally find some decent pillowcases for the pillowcase challenge! Apparently I have an inner need to tidy up my workspace before I can start a new project or work so thats my mission of the day! Its -36 today!!!!!!! FREEZING! What a great day to stay in & keep warm & get organized! Im sharing my daughters bedroom/craft room right now so to be fair I cant take up toooooooo much space or the poor thing & her toys would be all shoved into the corner! If only my room could be tidy with this much room to cut....could you imagine!!!! like this............ a girl can dream cant she? At least it doesnt look like this... I would love that much space to work with though. Have a great day & take advantage of every moment!


Saturday, January 26, 2008

Tagged & A Valentine Tree

Its so cold......can you see all the snow?? Im trying to stay warm over here with hot chocolate and the such, trying to make time for some fun new springy goodies for the shop. In the meantime I Have been tagged by the fabulous Kathi -thanks LOL, who has a great blog BTW-for 5 weird random facts about me, so without further adu- I wont bore you any further:WARNING some may freak you out,so skip if you get offended easily. LOL.
1. I should just copy & paste hers because they are so similar to what I would say. (MAYbe until she reads # 3 and freaks out) Im a total homebody, your lucky if you can drag me out anywhere for too long-unless its a thrift store of course .
2. Dont bother phoning me, just email me, now that we finally got high-speed out here in the boonies Im always online & BUSY OK! LOL., just kidding you can try tto call . hehe.
3. Cover your eyes, if you dont want to be shocked please LOL. I hate underwear and bras & I never wear them if i dont have too! Well unless i wear a dress or something, Im not doing the Britney thing or anything. Haha, my husband freaks out & thinks Im nuts, but no one knows. Well they didnt before but who cares!!!! Is that was to weird to publicly post? Just a tight fabric/skin thing. I only wear really comfy clothes too if I can get away with it.
4. My feet are always freezing & I love to stick them on everone I can to warm them up. Even in the hot summer, they are cold! Everyone knows Im coming & runs in the other direction.
5. I seretly imagine re-arranging my house everyday. If I could move all the furniture myself , I probably would. My husband only lets me do it once in awhile ....and well....hes basically forced too because I have it almost all done except the major peices of furniture before he gets home so he has no choice. I always make sure it would be more work to put it back like it was than to just help me finish! Im so mean! Haha, I love it!
So girlies consider yourself tagged if youd like to play along & be sure to let me know if you do so I can read all about it!
Oh, and these are what the tag/ornaments I made in the previous post are for. Add them onto a feather or other pink or white tree & its instant LOVE......... or just a fun valentines decoration. And thanks for all the great comments lately, Ive found some wonderful new blogs to read because of them!!! And for all you fabulous ladies who offered to host our little flat Stanley, they are out & on the way and could possibly be arriving anytime! Would you let me know if "she" shows up at your door? And because the teacher did all the mailings, We would love to know where she is arriving at!! Yippee!
Toodles ~

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Friday, January 18, 2008

Crafting Valentine Goods

I have officially got my mojo back after that hardcore dress-slash-wedding-slash-chopping-baby-detailed sewing mode.
Just some care free fun pretties for the shop.
I love Valentines.....maybe my hubby & I will actually get to go out together..alone. That could be frightening! We are pretty much always smothered in children. Its a few weeks away so maybe I will plan for it!


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Is it really January?

Well , the partys over, Ive finally had time to mop the floor & clean up all the mess. It was such a fun day-short, but fun! Thank you so much for all the well wishes! I havent had time lately to get with the whole Valentines crafting. But i thought these were kind of Valentinesy these pot holders. They are made of wool felt-penny style. YOu can find them here if your interested. This is what has been keeping me so distracted:
A friend from Church asked me to make her a "dedication" gown out of her original vintage wedding dress!
It was kinds of a challenge...to put it mildly.
With the matching bonnet.
I kind of took off up into space with this one. She wanted blue removable bows. She gave me a pattern to go by, but it was so difficult to figure out, I thought I would just wing my own version. She wanted me to use all her vintage materials, so off came all the lace off her gown, and overlay. I didnt think it would be so difficult to do with out proper yardage, there were so many dress seams. All in all Im really happy with the way it turned out. Most of all- I hope shes happy to see it!!!! Theres no going back now, her wedding dress is chopped up into smithereens!!!!!


Saturday, January 12, 2008

Party Success!!

Just a short post to let you know the party was great fun!. Just look at those cute faces! Hosting a bunch of 2-year olds, can be a challenge-but one Im willing to except!
Life is good
So was the food
Yeah for pressies!
And 5 minutes after my guests left, I was out cold.
Yes, I do believe the party was a success! Thanks for "virtually" attending my party!


Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Small Request

Hi Ladies! I have a little request. My daughter who is in grade 1 has made a flat paper person of herself with a photo of herself as the face. The teacher is calling this "The flat Stanley world tour" The idea is to have 5 people to send her"paper-self" too, that live in other parts of the world/country than we do, so its like she gets to "virtually"travel around the world! I think its the cutest idea. Her teacher has asked that we have 5 addresses by friday of friends/family that would be willing to recieve "her" in the mail & take it along with you a couple times while your out & take a few pictures,paste it in her book(even if the pictures printed out on the computer) or whatever, and mailed to the next address on the list. Would any of you guys be willing to recieve my baby in the mail & pass it along?
****UPDATE- Thanks you guys are so amazing!!!!! I have more than enough names, you are all SO greatly generous & appreciated. Thank you all for reading & your offers from the bottom of my heart!!!


Sunday, January 06, 2008

Realistic Resolutions

Thank you guys so much for all your birthday wishes!! I cant wait to have his party this satuday. We are going to be invaded by "Thomas the Train"! So on that note that a party is coming, which requires a clean house(what for?- a party full of 2 year old running wild with food?)What am I thinking? Its time for some realistic New Years Resolutions. Or maybe I just have a mega itch to get things organized & under control, the house feels like its ready to explode! Or maybe I should just call it a simple "To Do List (the sooner the better)"
So for the to do's this year:
1. Make a quilt-like a REAL one. With tiny cut peices. Maybe need a class.
2. Get all of us passports .
3. Clean Fridge out completely-soon
4. Get taxes and books done & ready to go for April.
5. Open scary tupperware cupboard, and yes, organize it.
6. Get car & couches steam cleaned, doing it myself?
7. Learn how to properly use my Photoshop elements. I hear it does all this fun stuff, & Im dying to know how. It came with no book, can you believe it?
8. Get a gym membership ,with hubby.
9. Try making some baking powder, and other homeade ingredients like this ,to help with the budget.
Not to bad, as long as I stop thinking of more things to add on the list every 5 minutes.

I made some new bags for the shop. All are made with repurposed /vintage materials or linens.

Oh, and i found this fun old clock, while out thrifting! Its so cute its all white plastic with a turquiose center & a red star, by GE.

So thats my week , I will let you know how the Thomas party turns out!