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Friday, February 29, 2008

Glitter & Grunge Update

Im Sad. No Im Ok really and actually its great because this month Ive been really procrastinating and had nothing ready for the glitter update....Here's the quilt I made for a possible design project for a book call out. But...It didnt get picked. Thats O.K., cause I love it & I can offer up for sale as of March 1st in my glitter & grunge shop! Its made with vintage red gingham & an old beautiful tablecloth i cut up and hand appliqued on in a running stick. All the top embroidery is done by hand, and the back is a soft grey pure virgin brushed wool. Definetly for the Modern Baby.

Isnt the tablecloth part great? Its all done in turquoise & red & grey. Oh well, moving on....
Here's the little note card set I made for the update too. In its own little box. There are 6 coordinating cards that stand up in the little box. I left the cards blank inside to make them more flexible. Thank you all for the lovely comments lately, Im enjoying so many more blogs now, and you all are a fantastic group of ladies out there! Time to get real-laundry to fold, dishes to do, toys to pick up, snow to shovel, homework & studying to be done, playdough to pick off the floor......

Have a great weekend you all- and Bean your package is on it's way!


Monday, February 25, 2008


A little Delight & Love- cute bookmark sets have been added to the shop.


The club.......

Attention Business Owners and creative peoples:

Become a chartered member of the Snooty Womans Club! Make friends, advertise, and have fun A Virtual meeting hall, gift bazzar, awards & other exciting stuff for women.
*Yummy recipes, I made this & it was to die for!
*amazing redwork designs to make, they just ask you ddo not sell their designs-fun stuff
*I ve talked about this site before-its fab. Double check all your skincare & make up products are safe and non-carcinogenic.
*a favorite embroidery blog for inspiration
* this is what my hubby does for a living if your interested...LOL.
Have a great week!


Friday, February 15, 2008

We Have a Winner!

Happy Valentines Day Ya All!

Drumroll please.............. we have a winner & thanks to the random # generator( #1-#58) that fabulous person is Bean #10 From Coyote Craft Yippee! Please send me privatly your home addy & I will pop your towels and a random japanese craft book out to you soon & tell me if you like working more with fabric or felt. I cant believe the sweet comments you all have wrote. I have found so many amazing blogs to read now so thank you again!

I also want to tell you what I did yesterday-thanks to this great post I thought, why didnt i do that before?- its so simple & basic. Now I have 3 more useable sweaters that were just sitting there wasting away. I always have to buy sweaters in large or extra large to get the sleeve length & then the sides are gapping. I also hate waste so this made me so happy to do, because as you know when you shop at Costco there are no change rooms. (Not that i would use them anyways , I cant handle trying on clothes, too many looney children always running wild with me + I dont shop much for clothes)

I Actually had a buch of pics to show you but I

accidently erased them off the camera! OOps. You can imagine though. Now I have a useable warm olive sweater with hood, and brown, and a white one!

Did you check out those embroidered redwork Tea Towels?
My fabuloso super duper amazing Grama wipped those up for my etsy shop! They should be in the shop today! I love my grama, oh yes I do.........
and thank you all for participating, this was a really fun draw!


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

"Our Little Cupcake" Baby Quilt

Wow, You guys are amazing! Thank you so much for entering the draw & such great comments, and letting me come by to visit your blogs! What a great pick me up! My bloglines are now officially exploding with all these new blogs to read! Im almost at 300, I think its a little ridiculous actually. I could never keep up with everyone but, I surely could never be bored. Its so fun & inspiring, so I will keep it open till Valentines & then I will draw the winner. This is a little special secret project I have been working on , what do you think? And...No Im not pregnant. Its probably going to end up in the shop, we'll see.
I made the cupcake out of wool felt & appliqued it on with a blanket stitch, onto really soft polka dot & striped flannel.
So thats what has kept me a little busy over the last few days. Thanks for all the positive support. And for all you ladies who tagged me for things.....well, I have to admit Im a really bad girl. I cant even remeber what was who, or who tagged for what so I will get ya next time! -Luv ya though. Gotta go for now, be back soon with a winner!
I heading over here-my favorite food blog for some dinner inspiration....
You probably already know how much I love her meals. This might even be dessert
if I can get off the computer & get organized.
Have a great refreshing week!


Thursday, February 07, 2008

To Thank You - A Random Giveaway

Hey everyone! I promised a draw was coming ....and here it is. In honour of my new blog design , and tto thank you readers & thank you Zee! from pixie blossoms!!.......What do you guys think???? Isnt her design work amazing? I thought it was so delightful!!! Im so pleased. Now I have to challenge my brain mentally, and figure out all this Html.... He, Hem........ stuff. I think It will be worth it !
So for you fabulous ladies, I have made A set of 4 hand Towels with a pretty vintage pillowcase trim along bottom. There are 2 of each design. I was having so much fun creating my project for The pillowcase challenge & I had all this leftover peices, so I enjoyed no waste& found a use for every scrap!
Im also going to throw in a random one of my Japanese craft books for the lucky winner.
So Im saying A virtual farewell to winter(i my mind anyway) and a grateful welcome to springs arrival. Simply leave a comment , with the name of your blog if you have one with a way to reach you if your not with Blogger* and I will draw a name with the good old random # generator sometime soon! That way I can check out your wonderful blogs too!!!
Thank you so much for reading my blog, I truly enjoy reading every comment, so cheers to all of you amazing ladies!

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Friday, February 01, 2008


~Im totally with her! Pondering these thoughts....
~ Excited that my redwork coasters are listed today.....
~Checkin out all these fabulous free blog draws, hurry before its too late..
~Planning a special giveaway treat of my own I will keep you posted!
~ Still tidying the sewing room
~Trying to find a new pair of glasses that suit me, another major challenge
~Cant get enough of Joyce lately....
~Listning to this music...
~ If I can actually get some computer time in, the daughter is completely addicted to these virtual barbie life
~A link I found awhile ago I forgot to post on consumerism "The Story Of Stuff" its really an awakening.
~Im going to figure out how to put tunes on my blog today too I hope....I did it I got my tunes!!!
~ I thought I would share my favorite link for a site that I really love. You can check all of the ingredients from your makeup & skincare products BEFORE you buy them to chack the levels of carcinogens, and toxic chemicals.
~Making this fun recipe with the kids....
~Going now to Make some of my favorite organic coffee..
Have a wonderful weekend!