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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Project #2 Complete

Ok, now I sound like Nanny Mcfee!
Only 3 more to go.
My new Vintage Apron Totebag. Available May 1st-here.
Be back soon, Im off to Vancouver to take care of my mom, while shes having an operation.
Have a great week!


Sunday, April 22, 2007

Project # 1. Complete

Project # 1- is Complete! Covered decorative wooden Hangers. For sale later today here:

Horray! Project #2- coming soon

Enjoy your weekend!


Friday, April 20, 2007

Stitching, Painting, & of course Thrifting

Projects....Ahhhhhh.... Im getting a few things done when i can pull myself aways from the beautiful outdoors, or my favorite show.Surely I can hear "Grey's anatomy" over the sewing machine, so sewing will have to wait until after Survivor too! I promised to show some current wips (and thats about all they are at this point).Getting ready to put together a fab redwork quilt, with handstitched center blocks, just waiting on the fabrics to arrive!
This might be interesting, working with wool felt always makes me happy! New goodies coming soon,
O.K. heres one reason i have been busy. Im painting the entire house room by room. The kitchens done,my rooms done, and my ensuite bath finally!! Wood panelling everywhere!!! YUCK! Cant wait to show those pics! I wish i took pictures before of my bedroom which was Dark hunter bright green!!!ACKKKKKKkkkkkkk! (sorry to offend anyone with those walls , but every morning waking up to that dungeon on every wall gave me a migrane!LOL!
These are my new(scary I know) as you know me I rarely buy new! But I had searched high & low for a china cabinet so my breakables would be up high & out of babies reach, and wouldn't you know,15 months later, nothing to be found. So we drove 8 hours and went to Ikea & iIdecided to buy these 2 white bookcases & push them together! There is an option for doors on the bottom as well.

And of course a little thifting....look at this ruffled vintage crispy sheet...ahhhhhhhhh, I can feel some new stuff coming!
And last but not least. Isn't this baby wall quilt amazing? I cant wait to make one for Layne! Its got a spot for the name, birth & all that too. This book has the most precious redwork transfers. It smade by Leisure Arts & is called "Redwork for Baby". Cant wait to show you my transformations, and the ultimate antique score in the daylight!


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Swell Swapping!

Om my..... feast your eyes on all these goodies!! My vintage swap partner Ginny from TwinklePink
sent me all these handmade pretties. Just look at this amazing handmade transfer image apron.! Its already found its home in a favorite corner of my kitchen. Isn't this swapping thig great? Who ever started this whole trend needs a hand,making friends all over the world is fabulous! And how fun are parcels that arrive from another country?
And just look at this beautiful fabric wreath, with ice cream cones, and bon bons. She even stitched on the words "I love my kitchen"! It's so beautiful, your an amazing craft woman.
Also 2 amazing candles and a vintage china tea cup & saucer. I lit the candle sented "summer pudding" already and my kitchen smells wonderful! Thank you so much Ginny for a great swap! I need to go & post them in our flickr vintage kitchen pool.
And what does this little guy think of all the tissue and pretties? We'll he thinks it's all pretty swell!


Saturday, April 14, 2007

Vintage Goodies-Shop Update

New- Vintage goodies now in the shop for super fun deals! Vintage aprons...
Vintage Cookbooks..
and sweet blossoms, birdie, and other fantastic transfers. Come visit me!
I have some special projects to show you soon!


Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Wow, its been a crazy Easter holiday!! Hopin you all had a fantastic holiday and enjoyed good food & fun! Im trying to relax now that were home. The suns shining & yard work is calling! These are a couple albums I made for my kids photos. This one is my daughters with an "A" for Avery. I made tabs for baby, toddler, and teen photos. This is really weird because I never make anything for "us" I seem to sell everything, and then when someone asks me "what kind of things do you like to make?" Im like "duh" theres nothing to show! Part of this whole crafting process to me is creating & selling, The other half is creating and enjoying. Im going to really work hard to keep a few things here & there from now on, so I have some memeories too!
This is the "Dosie Doe" Album because its double sided. So i made each page, had them binded in Red, and just put the 2 boys initials on each side. "L" is for Layne, and "T" is for Tyler. I really enjoyed making this & Im totally not a scrapbooker.
Heres The other front.
And I leave you with this new thrifted Tea Set I found, of which Im totally in love with! I dont know when this started but I slowly have found vintage teapots all over my house.....Hmmmmmm, ....have I started a collection not even knowing it???
O.K. Im addicted to thrifting!!!! The leaves, and rake are calling......


Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Vintage Bags & Babies

I seem to be getting alot of use out of my new-old manequin!!!
I dont even know what I did before I had her!!!! This is a vintage bag refurbished that I made using a gorgeous old vintage curtain panel. As soon as I spotted the fabric I envishioned a bag made out of the top of the cutain panels where they are pinched. I just love it & Im keeping this one.

Actually, I like it so much I made a matching diaper & wipes tote,since the bags huge & will fit mega stuff!! I lined it & added a vintage button & loop of ribbon.
I thought that was kinda cute, & then realized I have a boy, so I will sell that one in my shop & make a boyishy one.
Here it is closed & open! These were fun, I will be hand embroidering the vintage patches on & then adding them to the shop eventually!
Well it turns out I have a stack of 6 sitting here now almost done.

Yep, it was a good productive day-not very many of those these days! I'm hoping for more of these days after we get back from Easter holidays away with our family. Done with the sewing-time to go blog reading!!