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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Back On Track

I feel so excited to be back on track, with this summer going by so quickly! I have enjoyed all the company so much, but I am also happy to get back to the normalness of being a homebody that I love. Let me say firstly- A huge thank you to everyone who commented, and encouraged our family with the dear little fawn. It was very sad but Life happens , so on we go. I found this fabulous tablecloth the other day thrifting that Im hoping to make some shoulder bags out of later this week. It has been such a blast, and a great learning experience having our exchange student here! He has helped me translate a bunch of my Japanese craft books that Ive been dying to figure out. The lightweight grocery bag above is made from a pattern from one of those books! I was dying to try some, because i love using fabric bags while shopping.
Im hoping to make a bunch for my sho this weekend. My crib quilt top is almost done, what a job! I dont know how you ladies are so amazing at lining all these blocks , but mine seem all over the place! Oh well not to bad for a first attempt at the disaearing 9 patch.
And I must show you this fantastic book cover my friend Karen made me in a trade.
Isnt it cute! Im making her a painted clipboard in return, hopefully done this weekend as well! Our time with our student is flying by! I wish he could stay longer, the kids just love him! Ive learned so many things about Japan, and its culture, its been a fabulous experience. Here he is cooking us an amazing cabbage,tempura lunch. I wish I knew what it was so i could make it again, but he brought all the ingredients excet the bacon, and cabbage from Japan. I love the packaging & wrappers from all his goodies-so fun!
I have been taking photos like crazy so I can make his family a surprize album of him & his time here in Canada. Those necklaces they are wearing are hemp macrame that my son taught him to make this week. He thought that was really fun to do because they made they're own beads. But for now the memory album is definiatly the top crafting priority at the moment.
Have a great weekend!


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Fawn Rescue

What an absolutely crazy summer, we've had so far! Bears in our garbage, hawks flying into our living room window, and now a black bear attacking a poor defenseless baby fawn; wow It feels like a wildlife reserve in our yard. The craziest thing happened here yesterday. All of a sudden we heard a terrible yelping noise from accross the road. So we went over to check it out, and there was a black bear attacking this poor little baby fawn, right before our eyes. When the bear saw my husband he stood up on 2 legs furious as if to say "thats my breakfast". My husband scooped up the fawn and ran back accross the road while I gathered gauze, and wrap for its poor head. We laid he in our dog kennel while we called the vet.

We wrapped him in a blanket & took him to the vet's, where they were waiting for him. He later died that afternoon of massive head injuries. I know its natures natural cycle of life, but it was so heartbreaking. Its not very often I get to cradle a wild animal in my arms.
So, sadly im going to try to think about other things today by working in the garden, and maybe getting in some quilting time. Im trying the disapearing 9 patch doll quilt inspiered by Cory at dutchblue.

I Wonder what surprizes next week will hold?

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