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Monday, March 24, 2008

Hot Water bottle Cozies

Hi guys.....Wow this will be quick, Im so pooped! Just stopped in for a quick sec to say hi, this working life is a blast but alot of organizing & mental strain with 3 kids. Anyways , its sure different being a working mom, other than my regular stay at home self I have been for years. I do miss the freedom at home. Man , I used to get alot done, now I dont even have the energy to enter the craft room doors, & if I do I stare around blank -like-What do I do in here? Haha. But thats Ok, its going to be so much fun when all the trucks arrive this week with all the Micheals products, then I will be drooling! Right now we are just setting up all the shelving, and plan-o-graming the isles ect...you know the boring part.

Oh yeah & these are some cozies I made a while back to cover my hot water bottles. They are coming in super handy when you have a tummy ache or cramps. Very super soft. Anyways I cant wait for this snow to melt so I can enjoy some nature walks with the kids. Have a great week everyone~


Tuesday, March 11, 2008


things are looking up...
Im so excited! We are getting a huge Micheals finally in our town & Im going to be working there!! I just had to share my new with all you guys! Im so pumped! Especially for 25% off!!

Yippee. I have no idea how Im going to go from A SAHM to a full time job, so please bear with me. Crafting might be slim for the next while. This is going to be a huge change to put my son in childcare, especially because he is partially deaf.

Im curious to know if you guys are mostly at home or if you go out of the home to work?

Ive been making some cute tea bag mini giftys for anyone purchasing from the shop until they run out. I had fun making these with the orgami paper my Japanese student brought back from Japan for me:)
What to see a sweet tutorial?
Im going to try to make a couple of these paper easter baskets for my kids, if your looking for a fun easter/spring crafty project! She has made a great tutorial, thank you Laura!
Have a great week girlies~


Saturday, March 08, 2008

The White Stuff & A Felt Picnic.....

O.K., so Im dreaming. I noticed there were a few fellow bloggers, complaining about the snow. So you guys must either be feeling sympathy or envy for me (Grama, the ultimate snow loving queen) right now..... this...... Is MADDNESS I say! This is the view from my patio door.
Oh yes, Thats my poor husband TRYING to shovel 3 feet of snow that came in 24 hours! You cant even make a path...its time for a plow truck i think!! LOL. Cozy days these are.

Somebody would like to show off his "big boy" underwear. Even though he's not ready to pody train, I let him put his bigboy undies over his diaper to make his feel special, he thought it was wonderful. It didnt help with the pody training unfourtunatly. We can dream big cant we?

Like spring....and green grass......and picnics. Oh yes, bring it on!
This isnt a "new" creation but a felt picnic set I made last year, so I thought I would share. Maybe to brighten my own spirit. The snow is extremely beautiful though isn't it? So to all you ladies with bulbs popping out of the ground.....may I come over for tea?