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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Spring To Do List

1. Floppy bunny twins are done. Get listed for sale in the "Glitter" shop !

2. Repeat #1 for Crib Set # 2 .
3. Get out and use Spring Pretties. Have Tea Party.
4. Insist on Easters quick arrival, due to never ending Mega-snow.
Light candles, dream of gardening, pick out seeds to start soon (I hope)for greenhouse, make a spring cleaning list, go grocery shopping, bake cinnamon buns, change diapers, do dishes, fold laundry, make dinner...hmmmmm did I forget anything?
To be continued.....


Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Its Amazing!

Its amazing what a little blog love can do for a girl!!! Thank you guys for all your support & encouragement! With a little help from you 5 of my "paper Bag books" were completed,
Bookmarks and little matchbook thank yous were completed-all 200 of them. These are little star bookmarks , with vintage ricrac & ribbons which are favors for a thank you banquet . With a very low budget (like almost nothing) And a theme of "Shine like a star" this is what i came up with. Thank's to my best friend Jackie for sucking me into joining the decorating committee over the phone!!!!(Like I really need more things to do??) Of course I said yes, LOL. These banners below will hang on the tables & walls.
I even managed to package up some little eggies in sets of 3 all ready for the shop. Printed & cut out 500 business cards.

Im even cutting stuff out tonight for tommorrow. Whooaaa...better not get to pumped about the progress, my babys getting 3 molars as we speak, could be al long night.
So girls, there's noth'in like a little encouragement on a rainy day! Thank you,thank you, thank you, Im so happy to have inspiring comments from all of you,and hope that maybe something I make once in awhile will inspire you!


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Eggies & Swap Yummies

I really seem to be in a winter slump. Sometimes I have so many projects to finish & start that I just procrastinate it all for days. Yes, days on end I pace around doing ...well nothing but tidying up & tinkering here & there. How do you get rid of those creativity blockers??? I did manage to finish they wool felt eggs, but Im really trying to get out of this uncreative slump Im in, and today this lovely parcel really helped!!!! Just look at this fabulous pink smock!!! (Dont look at the dirty mirror though OK)
Im soooo inlove with it. Thank you so much Raesha!!! You sent such an amazing pink & brown swap parcel, just look at all the loveliness!!!! How did you know how bad I needed a new notebook....and how many magnetic shopping list pads I go through??? There was ribbon, beads,a raspberry cookbook, stoneware mold(I collect pampered chef by the way!) Notecards,candy,brads, chocolate,
and just look at these cute polka-dot coasters, and matching handmade zipper bags. How uplifting!! Raesha, you have totally outdone yourself!! Thank you again for your kindness! What a fabulous swap!
Have a Fantabulous Valentines Day!!


Saturday, February 10, 2007

Getting Through Winter

Thought I would share a few pictures of the crib quilt I finished for my son Layne. I was so inspired by Jacky when I saw her fabrics for a quilt she was making for a teacher gift. I was hooked . I knew I must make my son one out of that fabric!!! I was already trying to come up with an idea for a crib quilt for him as he's been kind of left out of everything because he was born on New Years Eve. With all the Christmas hoop-la (even though I live for it) ,the little things were just forgotten. Both my other children were made a quilt even before they were born by myself or a grama, so Im a tad behind. But hey-Im told not to feel too guilty now that there are 3 to chase!
Hand stitching in process. Loving the measuring tape border.
I backed it with a white vintage popcorn chenille blanket.
All done! Time to iron!
Now some fresh air to chase away the winter blues.....


Monday, February 05, 2007

Totes,Bags & Weirdness

I know Im sooooo bad for procrastinating-didn't I tell you that before? But I did manage to get a few things done & posted so for the quick shop update- there are finally some new bags and a craft tote, and a few other goodies here.These bags are lined with a hanging little patch, from the great fabric I found over at Nicoles! Im loving that stuff, I even came back for more but it was gone! Im really excited too-Im working on a quilt for my son with some American Jane fabrics and those cute measuring tape fabric,pics soon.
And this craft tote is made from some vintage fabric and a very vinatge old pink.....you will never guess.......an old chenille old lady style housecoat!! I think its halarious & so does my girlfriend. She came over to help clean out my craft room one day & she holds it up & says "this is garbage isn't it?" and I say" You have got to be kidding me! Im gonna see how many projects I can get out of that thing!!" She laughed her head off. But I think it's a hoot! Is that gross? It was in mint condition! So far I have 3 things out of it. That heart project pocket I showed earlier, and 2 of these craft totes.

Onto my weirdness. Thanks sweet Missy!

1. I HAVE TO sleep with the covers up over my mouth,summer or winter. No idea why, Im just strange.

2. I always read all magazines backwards...I try to change but I cant..

3.I make really weird faces when Im scrubbing & cleaning,

4. When Im really focused I actually forget to breathe,and then have to take giant breaths.

5. Im totally addicted to collecting things till I go crazy, milk glass,vintage fabrics,papers,yes even those goofy littlest pet shop things. I have even been known to go on Ebay for hours of browsing and drooling, maybe even buying things by getting overly click-happy.

6. I have to be organized, when things are messy I cant create, i have to clean up the mess before I can go on-maybe even sweep 3 times while im working. Why not clean up at the end? No idea-I have to do it the whole time. My mother is a super clean freak, yet she loves clutter & I hate it.

So there you go, hopefully Im not too overly behind in blogland!

~cheers Ya'll~