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Thursday, October 25, 2007


Guess what these are? Well, I have the best grama in the world thats what! I picked out the images I wanted & printed the images on crisp linen cotton large tea towels, & passed them off to her for a favor! I asked her to do them completely in redwork. Did she do a fab job or what??? Sorry, Karen I cant take the credit for these babies! She finished these for me because i havent had time to do much with all the indoor flooding, and leaking, if you know what I mean.
She has the most impecable stitching and they turned out gorgeous. There is one beautiful towel for each day of the week. The pattern is by "Yesterdays Charm"
and called "Sunnbonnet Delight", iron on embroidery transfers.
I love my grammie & she must love me! LOL. Each one took hours, and were made with love. They are for sale here.


Monday, October 15, 2007

Cause All You Can Do Is Laugh!

After all you MUST LAUGH when your staring at buckets all over your house catching water! On the roofing front-Just waiting for the rain to stop long enought tostart ripping the old roof off! This sweet little book inspired me to create pappermint patty ornaments for my "red & White" decorating theme this year. I made a few extra for my shop too! They are completely handstitched,huge & lots of fun!
Im really hoping for a little white one this year, my one splurge on our mission to simplify. Isnt this the cutest little pink tree? Loving it. I am hoping to make a bunch of other co-ordinating peppermint stuff to go along with the ornies, so I will keep you posted. Im so excited to have some time to create - it is definiatly my way of keeping sane. Thats Ok, Im staying positive & trying not to use this home time wastefully. Although a great cup of coffee , and the internet is always calling.........LOL. There is just way too much great stuff out there !

~Happy Monday!~


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Thank you!

Thank you, thank you, Thank you for all the roof & flooding love, I hope to be back to the regular schedueled programming soon! Im staying positive!


Saturday, October 06, 2007

Hanging In-I think

This has been a really hairy & crazy week. Here I went & posted my super-duper great schedule & in no way shape or form could i stick to it ! Im so sad that I did not get to participate in the any of the massive declutter & clean week, so Im going to have to create my own next month when all this chaos is over. First- we smelled something in our sons room so we pulled up his rug to find the whole floor & side of the house rotting away. Then we needed to figure out where all the water was coming in & it turns out the whole roof is done for. So off came walls, and roofing, and insulation,and,and,and,.......... So needless to say, I couldn't do much cleaning when my house is all hanging open and falling apart. So Im having to practice some extreme faith right now that things will be OK, even though its freezing out and winter is almost here.It 's a real shock to do renos in the winter unexpectedly, but we will survive. I was hoping to post next about how thrillingly clean my house was , but now all I can do is laugh! Because thats what you have to do at this point thats for sure!

I will show you the 2 coupon,card,wallets that i had finished, and loaded in the shop, just in the nick of time before all this crazy stuff happened, and before my sewing machine was burried onder 100`s of pounds of childrens clothes, and games, and lego, when we took everything out of the boys rooms. I am missing all of your wonderful blogs, and hope to be normal again soon!