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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Crafting with Kids-Valentines & CD Cookie Pouches Tutorial

Easy Childrens Valentines & Cookie CD Pouch goodies
Crafty Kids can make Cd Cookie Pouches & Matching Valentine gift with mums help!
Choose some colored papers,stamps or if you dont have valentine ones use old greeting cards to cut up, ink pad, pinking shears & your off!
Stamp & glue valentines image on cardstock. I used pink shown here, and the kids stamped a red kangaroo. Layer onto another color cardstock and glue down, repeat again so its thick with 3 layers & cut out with pinking shears. Stamp on paper & glue or write on back To & From & what ever words you would like(see white paper with matching red inked words below) Ours says
"Here's a treat cause your so sweet!" made by StampinUp

We used paper CD holders with the transparent fronts(to show cookie)through. We stamped a red inked heart along top & bottom edge of cookie pouch, then added a co-ordinating paper tag with some old ric rac. Pop in cookie of your choice- wouldn't a pink iced sugar cookie look fantastic peeking out! Together makes a great Valentine & cookie gift for fellow school pals or friends!

We found the paper cd holders in 50 packs for under $5.00 at the grocery store. Heres 20 we made for everyone in class,al assorted. Now we just need to make some heart-shaped cookies !But then again the chocolate chip are always an all time fav.

Featured here on Kiddley!! Happy Crafting!


Saturday, January 20, 2007

Pocket Love

Here's a red one, backed with white & red felt, but made mostly with papers. Its distressed with antique brown distressing inks. I used some vintage red velvet ribbon & matching vintage ric rac. I thought it would be fun to make a red & pink example with different styles. Instructions below:
Have Fun! 6 weird things coming!


Thursday, January 18, 2007

Valentines Keeper Pocket Tutorial

Valentines Heart Pocket Project Tutorial:
Instructions:1. Cut out 2 matching heart shapes out of fabric. I used an old vinatge housecoat cut up! Cut out 2 wing designs out of your favorite heavy cardstock in a wing shaped design-see photo. Place onto a peice of woolfelt & sew around edges of white wings. Cut out around with pinking shears so you wool shows a bit behind.
2. Sandwich your wings in between your 2 fabric hearts. If your fabric is thin you can interface them or just sew in a peice of cardstock inbetween the layers to stiffen it up. Sew around entire heart sewing wings inside. You will have raw edges all around! I love it-too easy! You can use pinking shears if you want!

3. Hand sew on ribbon to hang & buttons, and decorate to your hearts desire. I used glitter,papers,vinage buttons,trims,tule,and vintage ricrac.

4.Shove in some great vintage valentines to finish it off! Go here for some free images to get you started:


There you go! Enjoy your heart pocket .You could make them all of paper for the kids to keep all there school valentines in you like. Feel free to make gifts or fro yourself but please do not sell my design-or sell valentine images as they are copyright. Thanks & hope my instructions aren't too terrible & be sure to let me know if you try one!!!Have fun!



Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Tag & Card Keeper Altered Clipboard

Iv'e been working on a couple new projects to update the shop with so I thought Id give you guys a peek. This is the "Play with me" altered clipboard card & tag holder. I painted it white and there sa hole in the top to hang on a wall. Its made with vintage inspired kids toys,polka-dots,and animals papers.
It comes with one handmade card & envelope, and 6 co-ordinating assorted fun tags. I had alot of fun making this. I used ,my sewing machine lots and stitched around some of the tags. A couple people asked me which sewing machine I have . I love,love,love, my husky! Its a Husqvarna Designer 1 for those who were wondering. It does all that embroidery i showed a couple posts ago! Its fabulous! It even sews everything for you & cuts, and threads the needle(my worst problem, even with my glasses on)

And here's a sneak peek of some of the stuff Im making for my swap partner in the Pink & Brown Swap! Although I don't even know who it is yet!LOL. Im really looking forward to the valentines crafty swap too!!
Have a great evening!


Monday, January 15, 2007

Random goodness

All these yummys came from a couple sweet & fabulous ladies out there!!
Thanks sooooo much Deb for these beautiful wooden handmade letters! I decorated them, but its so snowy here, Im just not getting the super picture I wanted so I did one with my camera in"sepia". I think it makes such beautiful photos. I hope i will get a close up when the sun comes out. They are covered in some old vintage white raised wallpaper .So thanks so much again Deb , I really treasure these! Yeahhhh!!!!

And this special parcel came along way from Mary-Ann from 1 of 4 sisters! Thank you so much, its just the sweetest pick-me up I could have ever asked for! You guys are sooooo good. She knew exactly what Id like too-like a handmade recycled pincushion,vintage christmas ornaments, beautiful tags,pretty bags,postcard,ribbon,chocolate sauce and my very FAVORITE:
This fab "A" ornament that is just fantastic! You girls rock. How many times do I hear about the generosity of fellow bloggers? Its no wonder with all the give-aways, kindness, swaps, sheer giving and just pure new friendships far & wide that we keep coming back to each other for more!



Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Pink & Brown Goodness

There's a pink & Brown swap going on over at thriftygoodness.blogspot.com ! Come join us and go to her site if you would like the outline of requirements! Thank you so much to Ellia from green bean Baby who donated this lovely button. Just copy & save it if you want it!

Valentines Penny Rug

Im starting early. I waited way to long at Christmas to start selling my Christmas crafts & goodies-so long in fact that somehow the holiday blew by & I was definiatly not ready! I had no idea people were starting to Christmas shop in September, so hopefully next year I will be ready. It was still a wonderful holiday season with lots of fun, family,and relaxing.(Maybe to much relaxing)
Yesterday I thought I would put my new embroidery machine to the test & machine embroidered these redwork napkins. There are so many adorable desing, I don't know how to choose!

Valentines is sneakly approaching. I made this heart penny rug with wool felt in varying shades of pinks & red. It was so fun to make so I thought I would brose some on Flikr- but there wasnt any!!! So I decided to start a little penny rug group. Join in if your interested, and we can share patterns and ideas! Its http://www.flickr.com/groups/pennyrugs/
This one I made came from a free pattern over at Fons & Porter. Look under online designs for pattern!


Friday, January 05, 2007

Hey Cute People!

Happy New Year to All! Cant wait to hear all the resolutions! Im not posting any here because I know Im bad for keeping them! Im alive and well uphere in the snow drifts ! Just kidding- there hardly any snow & its almost all melted now. Im trying to envision spring and enjoy some spring crafting, and have gotten a few things done. Yeahhhh to productiveness! Theres a fun swap I must head over & join too-not that I need more swaps but who can resist pink & brown?? Just in time for Valentines day! Here's a few goodies I've got updated in the shop.

A red & aqua greeting card set & a pink & aqua card set. Each has a co-ordinating sticky note holder & the pink set has a sheet of card candy with it. I used a Vintage sewing dress pattern design stamp. Each includes cards for friendship & thank-you's.
So finally the Christmas decorations are getting put away and I actually have started a wee bit towards spring crafting & am ready to start on my Valentines projects. My shop over at www.glitterandgrunge.com is updated with fresh stuff too. Here's my latest little wool felt childrens picnic set. It includes 2 sandwiches,pickles,lettuce,tomatoesapple slices, cookies, ice cream cones and a machine embroidered play washcloth & tea towel.
Im having so much fun dressing up my doll (from last post)in my favorite pink smocked vintage apron . Oh yes and Deb- Im finished my lovely letters I won!!!!! Cant wait to show you when the sun is shining so I can take some pics! ~cheers all~