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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Hot off the Press!

My very first exclusive item is now for sale(well tommorrow) Im showing you guys a sneak peak!!! Im part of a crafters group called "Glitter & Grunge" & everyone has a new exclusive item on the 1st of everymonth available only there. I wont be featured until September 1st though so check it out tommorrow! Im pretty excited about it! This is a very retro vintage redwork embroidery tea cozy! Heres a close up of the "T' as in "tea". With an amazing vintage kitcsh fabric I found at a thrift sore , washed up & pressed.
Heres how it looks on my teapot! It fits a regular standard size teapot.
It had red grossgrain ribbon ties to keep your tea nice and piping hot, as well as a small coordinating ribbon top loop.
Here's the back. Dont you just love the little red recipe box???
Come visit me over here if you like & check it out! Were featured in Mary Engelbriets Home Companion. On Sept 1st Iwill to be part of this advertising:
And Thanks to Jackie heres my book meme 2:
Book Meme 2..
.Here are the rules:
1. Grab the book closest to you...NO cheating!
2. Open to page 123
3. Scroll down to 5th sentence.
4. Post text of next 3 sentences on blog-and name of book and authorTag 3 people (that will be the hardest part!) Yikes no kidding! So i tag any 3 readers who loves books.
Here goes:
Book: Debbie Macomber(of course)
Title:A gift to last
Page 123-
"Are you meeting someone?"Greg asked.
"Not really,"she said, her voice sultry and deep.
Greg noted the packages."Been shopping I see."
If I had added the next line you would all have said..ohhhhh I gotta get that book!


Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Thank you, and Book Meme

Wow thank you guys so much for all your sweet comments about my lonely whinning life! I sounded like a real whiner but Im not really like that normally, because Im so used to this life im pretty independant! But no really, he's not going to be home for a month or 2. It was so kind and generous of all you, wonderful , amazing women! You are so encouraging!
I have been tagged by Selena- for this one, and tommorrow i will post the next meme tagged by Jackie! Thanks girlys!
Book meme 1. so here goes:
1. One book that changed my life: Simple Abundance, & the Bible
2. One book read more than once: Any Kristan Hannah, or Debbie Macomber Novel
3. One book Id like on a desert island: Something with romance & s*x of course!! LOL oh yes and a huge pile of craft mags!
4. One book that made me laugh: Hmmmm, thats hard I usually read craft books!
5. One book that makes me cry: Bridges of Madison county, Im a softie!!!
6.Books that you wish were never written: Anything with violence,racism, or hate. I love the simple things, thanks to Selena, giving me a new word, now I have a word for it yaaahhhh "eco chick"-thats me!
7.One book Ive been meaning to read: I have "A million Little Pieces" sitting here I want to read so bad but no time!
8. Books I dont like: Anything Sci-Fi
9. A real Page turner I want to read: I want to finish reading the bible throughout as a challenge, & I try & keep up with Debbie Macombers new releases.
10. Childrens books enjoyed by the family: Anything to do with farms & animals,pets,we all adore animals!
Now, Im really excited having fun with the kids & working on our package for the:

Also found this amazing vinatge mint condition melamine green cream & sugar set I put up for sale in the shop along with this co-ordinating vintage tablecloth that matches to a tee! I just listed it , and am hoping to get some piles of stuff onto ebay. I have heaps of books,linens and other goods that need some homes(ok-Im over thrifting...is that possible??????) Does anyone recommend an Ebay store over just regular selling? I know you amazingly smart women have all the answers!!


Monday, August 28, 2006

Pillow Talk

Im a wee bit sad today. Today is my husband and I's 7th Anniversary! I wish he was here, but he's not. He's been gone for over a month working and came home Sunday for 24 hours & had to go again . I m not sure what was harder, having him home for one day or not at all? Oh we'll that's life & maybe next year we will have more time together! The one thing I really regret is not getting a real photographer to take pictures. At that time in our lives we really didn't have the money to get one & now I really wish we had of. Unfourtunatly, I dont have more than a coouple of photos & cant even find one clear enough to scan. So we talked about this & decided now that at 10 or 15 years we will go somewhere special together and have photos done-kinda like renewing your vows or something!
So a note to you dear husband if your reading this:
I still love you more than ever... and appreciate you more each day.
So on that note....I needed to create to keep my brain busy.
This is a woolfelt posy pillow , I stitched up for someone special. I used vintage blue buttons with pale yellow & gray accents. Sewed on a bow & a stitched tag...and it will be in the mail to you tommorrow!

Button Close up :

Lots of fun things going on to show you soon!


Friday, August 25, 2006

Gone Fishin'

It's a miracle, I think I finally got my motivation back. Fall is in the air and when the kids go back to school, hopefully I will have more time for work again! Heres a little fishing pair girl & boy mini cushions. I still have a couple buttons to sew on but I wanted to show you guys a wee preview. Sorry its so dark, bad pictures or what! I made these with a vintage style baby quilt block images, but I definatly dont have time for a whole quilt!!
The most fun was that Grama & I stitched these up together! Didnt she do an amazing job! Shes much better at the outline stitch than I am!
OOps, Busted! Playing in the wet laundry, was just getting ready to hang it out on the line. He is just crazy busy, almost walking already & hes only 7 months!! I really have my hands full right now, not to mention his top 2 teeth are trying to come in now too! He just got the bottom 2 last month, so not much sleep lately for me!

Heres a close up of the 2 cushions together as a set.Gotta go add my vintage buttons! Also had some fun making some goodies for our "tiny- tiny swap" . When the kids package is ready I'll post a little picture!


Monday, August 21, 2006

A Little Sewing

I managed to work on a jumbo blossom pincushion today. I found some great real vintage sequins awhile back & finally put them to use. Im getting some ideas of some things too that I can use them on for Christmas goodies. Did a wee bit of thrifting, made rice pudding and tommorrow, with my Grandmother- I cant wait, were making her famous homeade German perogies. The kids will love this! We are having a wonderful visit so far, lots of fun. Im startting to think of what desins Im going to work on as well for the tea-towel swap! Im getting excited! I have some great recipes in mind. Oh yes, and the lovely friend of mine- Miss Kwitty has started a little blog over here!
She said some really sweet stuff ablout me! Im blushing! Thanks Miss Kwitty cant wait for our little swap!


Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Rest

Continuation of last post:
Here is the rest of yesterdays nifty thrifty score:
Massive aprons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3 assortments of 5!!! And I found them all in different places, I just put them up for sale in the shop! More below, and below that, a green & blue assortment, a pink & greens, yellow, red, assortment, and a blues assortment!

A bunch of vintage greeting cards:

And my favorite, this vintage Kodak instamatic 100 camera! How fun is that! So thats all folks, not too shabby for one day of thrifting!

Last buch of 5, so there , I wont leave you in suspense any longer, what cha think???

Oh Ya, Gramas here , we'll see what we find tommorrow!


Friday, August 18, 2006

Prepare yourself ***

Ok well not for this, but above is a photo of part of my milk glass collection. Somehow, I ended up thrifting again today( go ahead say it- she's an addict) yes, I know, but anyways heres what happened . Yesterday I bought something at a thrift store , got home & realized the girl charged me 29.99 bucks for an item I bought for 2.99! Dont you ever notice how when you pay with interact you just push those buttons not really paying any attention! I will from now on though. So I had to go back for a refund today ....major score!!!
Vintage fabric dyes, & game peices(That I will use for my altered what not's)
all these white vintage buttons...wait....only 2.00!!!! Pretty creamy cake plate...2.00
Look at these old jars with their glass tops & wide metal rims( One is a old vintage nabob canister) 25 cents each...
and my favorite of all this amazing melamine pale pink mini bowl & regular bowl set. Its missing its pal-the little sugar dish but who cares! I love pink so this made my day! Note to self: Must sew, must sew, must not thrift,must not thrift( for at least a week anyway) I doubt that will happen because my grandmother is coming out to visit for a week tommorrow, and she's an avid garage sale & thrifter so well see..... I also found something else really special I'll show you next time!


Tuesday, August 15, 2006

New Treasures

Quick post to show you my new treasures, awile back I found this pretty turquiose
pitcher and plate

This is a bookcase picture in my house I took for a flickr group,

And this is my new favorite item, its so soft & snuggly. Bought off Ebay its a vintage chennille baby crib cover with a fawn. Don't ask me what Im going to do with it, because I have no idea! Do you ever by things hoping to find a spot for it & then thinking......Where is this supposed to fit? Thats what I did, but I don't care , Its so carming ...for now it will have to sit folder up on my shelf. I actually wanted it in Layne's room, and then thought..how & where could it go? His room is pale lemon & lime! Can you tell its really late & Im rambling?lol.

O.k> then, so I'll leave you with a close up of the dear fawn:



Wow, sorry guys, Im so overzelous about thrifting & swapping I thought Selena was doing a swap-but its not. IT's a challenge!!! Wo HOoo. Maybe I should pay more attention before I go on & on with excitment!!! What a goober, sorry ladies, still a great challenge one of which Im always up for! PS- Found some goodies -show you later! I have to go unload my groceries!


Monday, August 14, 2006

New books/Swap!

New needlework book!
O.K. gals. Im a real dork. I was over at Selenas blog, and wowsers, did I see a massive thrifting score haul!!!! Unreal!!! She got all that for around a hundred bucks!! And she's in the works of doing a 99$ thrift store swap. I told her if she was my partner Id have to send her a HUGE wooden crate and ship it over on the Titanic for 100$$$!!!!!! So I claimed her as my partner! LOL, just kidding! (Well not really) What a blast, I love this blog thing! On the other hand I seem to be getting nothing done lately as Im always surfing crafty/thrifty blogs, looking at pictures, joining swap, really....doing nothing other than being glued to this! And now that Im home from camping Im back at it! Do you ever find that you get so many(like I mean-SO MANY) ideas in your head you cant even start anything? Im so bad for this and then starting something else , not finishing the last one. My head just spins with ideas, any suggestions? I have 100"s of ideas to create & I cant get off this computer...not only that, Im on dail-up(thats all they have because I live far out of town) so I sit for hours trying to figure out how to get a banner on the blog and nothing has worked, so I keep trying..still not working..Im doing somthin wrong. I may need bloggers anonymous or something! LOL. Anyways heres my new japanese crafty books. Its always a gamble buying without seeing in person, buut im happy:)
Bags 3***
Opps,mixed up-thrift store vintage jello cookbook-
5*****(of course)

childrens goods & other strange stuff


So all in all a pretty good day!! Now If I could only get something made, and stop browsing! There's always tommorrow!


Sunday, August 13, 2006

Back from Camping

Well im back from camping..and let me tell you how good it feels to be home after trying to camp for 5 days with a 7 month old! Not looking too forward to that agian until he's sleeping in a bed. And I think we are going agin in a few weeks but to somewhere else. Im pretty much a single momma 3/4 of the year as my husband works out of town..like 23 hours away, and only comes home 1 weekend a month, so we are often visiting him in our travel trailer that he lives in. Its lonely sometimes but Im so used to my independance Im not used to him home any more!( I know that sound terrible). The older kids do drive me insane some days bickering, but that's life. Carting around a playpen, and all the other essentails was alot of work! Im happy to catch back up on my fav blogs to which I will do more of tonight! So we had a great time on our little adventure- We found a beautiful outdoor public pool which I took the kids to 3 times, an amazing tour of the WAC Bennet Dam in Northern BC, where we got to go down over 1000 feet into underground tunnels. This was so great! I didnt know until we went that this amazing dam that it holds back the largest lake in British Columbia-Williston Lake, and powers 1/3 of BC's electricty. Sorry if Im boring you but the kids and I had a ball here- definiatly worth it.
So thrifting -there wasn't too much
Stuff even at the thrift stores was quite pricey(to me) Im a nickle & dime girl, and there was only a couple to go to but that was ok, less spending for me! Heres a couple of transfer packs i found, so cute!!!!! Puppies & kittens vintage Vogart transfers:
Those kids on the front are halarious! And above a rare DMC hobby transfer booklet, with a few pages left!

How cute is this little guy?

And last but not least: 2 amazing Laura Secord egg cups in mint condition! I love them. Well with all the eggs & bunnies over here you'd think it was Easter!

I had better go continue unpacking and finish cleaning, so for today...

missed everybody, cheers for now!


Monday, August 07, 2006

Vintage cushion & Christmas in August

I had been working on an ornament for Christmas- this Vintage ball inspired ornament, with 2006 embroidered on it, made of wool felt,vintage sequins, & vintage buttons hanging. Sorry blogger has mixed up all my photos, but below somewhere is a close up. This below is the back side of the cushion..I have finally finshed! Im happy with how it turned out! The picture makes the yellow darker than it really is on the borders & back , but you get the idea!
Close up of wool felt ornament:
Front of cushion with hand embroidery,vintage buttons, and that amazing old floral fabric thats in perfect condition.
And lastly: The close up of the chickys on the cho-cho train!
Im off to go camping for a few days so I will see visit everyone when I return! Hopefully with more treasures (theres supposed to be some great little thrift shops where Im headed) and some more finished embroiderys. I will be keeping check on my shop while Im away!
~cheers for now ~


Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The smocking variety

Sorry for those absolutly terrible pictures last post! I thought i would try one more in real light & its much better, at least you can see the pnk ppatchwork paper here, it is just so sweet & pretty! ......Here are the amazing patterns I picked up yesterday.
Vintage smocking with transfer-How fun is that!!! Same with the toddler one below, if I could only smock!!! And check out that great apron pattern for children with 6 different designs!!!! Where was this when I was designing my pattern set???? I guess these are my Fridays finds on a wednesday! Today I got my hair cut all funcky and bleached! My husband says Im in mid-life crisi- I just need to go and get more tattoos & peircings!!!! If you believe it I already have 2 large tattoos & I dont think I need any more....well maybe one!LOL


Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Gift Card Holders & Cone Ornaments

I made so goodies for my shop this week. This is the kind of Christmasy stuff I was talking about sharing ideas for last post. Here is a set of 4 vintage inspired shabby cone ornaments with coordinating gift card holders for gifts. They have vintage ricrac & other trims with vintage buttons, and greenery. I thought you could just tuck in some mini-candy canes and they're ready!
Pink patchwork papers for gals
Fish for the guys. So while the kids are at Vacation Bible School this week, I m getting something done! Oh yes, and Amy- thank-you so much for all your help, but Im stuck getting my header & photo on here..again. Im pretty green at this still you know!LOL
Have a great day-ohhhhhh and I have found some treasures for Fridays finds I will post later- Vintage McCalls smocking patterns for infants and toddlers with transfers!!!! Not that I smock or anything but the covers are adorable!